Hottest & Latest Hairstyles in the Blogosphere

There is too much competition in the street style scene and that applies to hairstyles too. As you might have noticed, not all fashion bloggers pay that much attention to their hair, focusing mostly on what to wear and which makeup to use.

Their beauty sections are mostly crowded with palettes of eyeshadows, lipsticks and mascaras, not choices of the perfect hair mask or shampoo. Searching for influential hairstyles within the blogospheres, we came up with the ones that really stand out in this field, yet we would love to see more of in the upcoming seasons.

Purely Blonde Camille Charriere


Paris-raised blogger Camille Charriere from who has moved to London, is a great example of perfect natural-looking blonde hair that looks healthy and fashionable.

A minimalist herself, she incorporates this normcore approach in every aspect of her appearance. She is a globetrotter, and she has adopted this look to be able to maintain it easily throughout her travels. All she needs is a brush and a blowdryer!

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