Susie Bubble’s Artful Bangs & Knot

She is a top-tier young fashion writer who graces the front row at the most prestigious fashion shows and inspires an array of fashionistas to dress alike. Her hair is super silky, smooth, and shiny, the Asian type of hair that exudes strength, youthfulness and endurance. Her signature look includes the rich, architectural bangs and the top knot. It’s quite convenient for busy girls and quite easy to create!


All you need to do is turn your hair upside down, brush it out, tied it up close to the crown of your head, twist the ponytail, wrap it around its base, and secure it with a second sheer elastic band.

Add bobby pins only when absolutely necessary, letting these super straight flyaways frame your bun and face. Skip hairspray and definitely embrace the super thick bangs as well as your natural hair colour.



At the Lounge Soho in London, Susie Lau (aka Susie Bubble) from as always got experimental with her looks, adding a bubblegum-hued natural hair piece enriched with fibre optic extensions that produced an illusion of iridescent changing colours through movement.

When Susie decides to become creative with her hair, she usually leans towards temporary solutions, not things that permanently alter her appearance. She loves to be a fashion chameleon and she maintains a similar approach to beauty. That’s a quite a comforting idea for people being scared of changes that are hard to correct or restore.


She explains through her blog that her hair is a ‘non priority’ issue yet she has a perfectly polished and signature hairstyle that makes her iconic. That elevates her ‘top knot’ to the pantheon of legendary styles such as Anna Wintour’s ‘bob’ and Suzy Menkes’ pompadour!

Very few fashion personalities are actually referenced for a single hairstyle, because usually most of them are changing hairstyles in the same way they change shoes and handbags. For Susie, the top knot is embedded in her persona. She is a character. While for the rest, hair is just another accessory!


Her top knot has been a great point of discussion and she describes it as a quite visible feature which started as her practical solution for holding her mass of hair in place, yet unintentionally evolved into a major communication tool.

Her knot has even been displayed as appliques on creations by fashion designer Flavia la Rocca, which have a rather cartoonish, playful flair!



Sometimes she lets her hair down, but even then she traps it into her turtleneck and scarf or tacks it in her vinyl collar. Other times, she ties it with a bandana or gives it a sculptural effect with the help of a stylist. Her heavy black fringe regularly interacts with her fancy and extraordinary sunglasses, a colourful beanie or a high fashion headpiece.

The fringe starts literally from the crown of her head, so the effect is rather geometric and austere, and in that sense a few flyaways as well as proper statement accessories make it absolutely fun and quirky!


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