5 On-Trend Variations of the Classic Chignon

In fashion, things evolve rapidly and we always love to be part of this ongoing revolution. Thinking of the most iconic evening hairstyle? It’s definitely the chignon, translated in English as the classically coiffed knot placed at the nape of your neck or else your ‘chignon du cou.’

Vaguely referencing ‘le chignon opéra’ or ballerina bun, the latest version of it comes in endless chic and unconventional variations of sculptural quality. Let’s go through the most fabulous red carpet and catwalk looks to appreciate their allure!

Taylor-Swift-Loose-Bun-UpdoCurly or wavy

If based on well-curated tight curls, then it’s more towards the retro-romantic side of the spectrum. Taylor Swift has adopted this fairytale look on multiple occasions, complementing her impeccable doll face.

At an edgier level, you will find looser curls and beachwaves swept softly to the back and pinned into a natural-looking chignon. Women with wavy hair can fake this red carpet updo in seconds. At least that’s the impression we get through images of Uma Thurman, Kate Winslet and Reese Witherspoon.

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