Gap years are great opportunities for high school students going onto college or university. There are many potentials, including back-packing around Europe or working to save money. It is up to you what you do, but there are benefits either way. Here are six reasons to opt for a gapRead More →

There are certain things in life that others will be responsible for. When you’re young, your parents are responsible for teaching you manners and your teachers are responsible for your education. However, when you get older, you’re responsible for so much. In many cases, only you are responsible for them.Read More →

Do you want someone well educated, who can provide for the family? Sure, you want to be stable financially, but you also want to be stable in your relationship. That can come from someone without a college degree. In fact, there are times that guys lacking college degrees are sexierRead More →

Internships are popular for many people, especially college students. They give you the chance to get into the company, show off your skills and possibly get paid employment. However, they are so popular that you could struggle to get one. Here are some tips to improve your chances and showRead More →

Back when you were in high school, you dreamt of going to college. However, life had other plans for you, and you ended up married with a family. Now you are a little older, but your dreams of college are still with you. Though you may be a little olderRead More →

It is unfortunately true that women are not generally granted the upper hand when it comes to academics, many career paths, and knowledge of select topics. There are certainly many women that have proven these allegations to be false and inaccurate, but there seems to be a smoking fog thatRead More →

Even though in the past some occupations were reserved for only men and women didn’t have adequate opportunities in some professions, this inequality is rarely in existence today. Women are just as likely to hold jobs in highly skilled professions and women even graduate from college at higher rates thanRead More →