How to Succeed at Getting an Internship

Internships are popular for many people, especially college students. They give you the chance to get into the company, show off your skills and possibly get paid employment. However, they are so popular that you could struggle to get one. Here are some tips to improve your chances and show off your skills.

Don’t Just Apply for Any Internship

There are so many that you could think applying for all is the best thing to do. However, this could lead to you not getting the one of your dreams.

Most internships are likely in areas that you never want to work in and you make it harder to get the job of your dreams afterwards. Of course, you could luck out and find that one that teaches you more than you ever imagined!


Narrow Your Focus Now

Before applying, spend the time narrowing your focus. What job would you really like to do?

This will help you find internships that will help you towards that career choice. It saves time on the application process and you can show off your enthusiasm in the interview.

Research the Companies that Offer the Perfect Internship

There is no specific website to visit to find internships. It will take time but you need to do your research. Think about your preferences and then research the type of companies that offer these placements.

There are likely many small businesses that want to hire interns but are often hidden behind the large ones offering things you don’t want.


Save Details During Your Research

Don’t start applying when you find a company. Make a list of the details, such as positions, email addresses and website URLs and then move on. Get the research process out of the way first, as it will make the rest of it go smoother and quicker.

It may be worth noting down the type of things the companies want from applicants to make sure you have them when it comes to applying.

Follow the Companies on Social Media

You want to make yourself known in a good way. Follow the companies on social media and reach out to them. Don’t start by asking about internships.

Start by sharing news that connects to them or something you have done that they may be interested in. Retweet their updates and share their statuses with your friends. You’ll become a name that they recognise quickly.


Get Your CV in Order

Now it is time to focus on your CV. It needs to show off your skills and why you are perfect for the role. If you have a lot of employment gaps, don’t worry about it.

You can focus on a skill CV where the employment isn’t in chronological order. You focus on the exact skills that the company is asking for. You may find that creating specific CVs for each intern application is worthwhile.

working-woman-computer Organise Your Cover Letter

Your cover letter is attached to your CV. It needs to give a little more information about who you are and why you’re applying for the role.

This needs to be company specific.

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