When visiting your hairstylist or colourist, don’t be vague about anything. Address your wishes, needs, and concerns in detail, making them visualise the exact result you are looking for. Be decisive and specific enough to put a clear message across, or else stay away from a drastic change. Consultation andRead More →

Going to the hairdressers can be really expensive. With family budgets still tight, it’s really easy to think about saving money. Cutting your own hair could be one option, but there are so many risks of it going horribly wrong. You may have the memories of fringes too short orRead More →

If you are thinking about getting a new haircut then you might not know what hairstyle will be the best for your face. If you are going to be paying for a new haircut then you want to know that it will look good. After all, you do not wantRead More →

Some women want long hair, but no matter what they do, their hair just never seems to grow. A woman who wants her hair to grow long just has to do a few things to really stimulate those locks to grow long. Here are 7 tricks to making hair growRead More →