Cut Your Own Hair Without Any Mishaps

Going to the hairdressers can be really expensive. With family budgets still tight, it’s really easy to think about saving money. Cutting your own hair could be one option, but there are so many risks of it going horribly wrong. You may have the memories of fringes too short or hair at choppy lengths. Here are some tips to make sure you cut your own hair without any mishaps.

Practise on Smaller Sections First

Work on smaller sections first, either areas that people won’t notice or the smaller parts of your hair, like your fringe or a trim. This gives you the chance to work on growing your talent before you go drastic on the rest of your locks. Remember to cut a little and see how it goes. You can’t stick the hair back on!

Call a Friend

Before you get the scissors out, call a friend and ask them to come over. They can help give an honest opinion on whether it is too short or jagged. They can also help with cutting the back section of the hair to keep it level.

Keep Your Scissors Sharp

When you’re cutting meat, you need a sharp knife to get through it. Well, the same thing applies to scissors. They need to be sharp to make cutting easier and avoid the frayed ends. Invest in a device to keep your scissors sharp and use it whenever they feel like they’re getting blunt.

Have the Right Tools

You wouldn’t start working on your pipes without the right plumbing tools or on the car without the right things for a mechanic. So why would you start cutting your hair without the right tools? You need to think about getting a good pair of scissors and a comb that helps you get rid of the knots. Clips to hold up sections of hair are also beneficial. They may cost some money upfront but think of them as an investment to save over the long term.

Keep Your Hair Damp

Get your hair ready to be chopped. You know when you go to the hairdressers you will usually have your hair shampooed and conditioned first. Most then have spray bottles with water to then keep your hair damp during the cutting process. Damp hair remains straight and doesn’t have all the frizz, making cutting it evenly much easier.

Don’t Have Second Thoughts

Once you get to the cutting, you need to be determined in your actions. If you have second thoughts in the middle of it, you will have jagged and frayed tips. Decide on a length and then go for it. Remember to cut a little off at a time. You can always touch it up afterwards if you decide you want to go shorter. However, avoid overdoing the touch up. It is possible to get scissor happy and cut way too much off in the end. This is when a friend is really good for you; to tell you just when to stop.

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