Become a More Efficient Person with These 7 Tips

Ever thought that you need to be more efficient? This is something that you can accomplish. This could be in your office or at home. Here are some tips to help improve your efficiency and get all the tasks done that you need.

important-document-workLearn to Prioritise

One of the most important things to improve efficiency is to prioritise your tasks. You need to know those that are most important so they are completed.

The least important ones can wait until later. You may have a few that need doing all at the same time, which is when this prioritising is exceptionally important.





multitasking-businesswoman-workDo One Thing at a Time

Unless you already know how to multitask and are an expert at it, you will be more efficient doing one thing at a time.

Allow your brain power to focus on that one task so it is done quickly and without hassle. Avoid multitasking too much as you risk not doing the best job on everything.

Do a Task While Waiting for Another

There are times that you will need to wait for something. You may have the oven cooking dinner or waiting for someone to finish their part of the task at work.

When this is the case, find something else on your list to do. Get the washing up completed, clean the worktops or send those important emails while you wait.

Have Your Home and Desk Laid Out

Think about when you need things and make sure your home and desk are laid out perfectly for you. This could be your notepad in a certain draw or your files put away in a certain folder.

You will be able to grab anything that you need quickly so it takes less time to do everything.

train-work-computer-woman-transportGet Work Done While on the Train

Use that commute to work efficiently. If you’re on the train, get some of the work done on there. You could connect to the WiFi and get the emails sent or other admin tasks out of the way.

If you drive, you could set up your calendar for the day using voice activated software. With technology, there is no reason nothing can be done!

Reduce Your Distractions

That beep of your email or the ping of your Twitter feed are all distractions that you don’t need. Turn off your alerts and the vibrations from your phone when you are doing other tasks.

You don’t need to reply right away. It can wait for 10, 15 or even 30 minutes while you finish the task you are currently doing.

happy-woman-work-successBatch the Small Jobs Together

Smaller jobs tend to take a lot out of your day. Instead of doing them as they come in, batch them together so you can get them all done at the same time.

You will usually find that it limits the trip to the photocopier or limits the amount of times you have to check your emails. You will have more time to get the more important things done.

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