Body Language Basics to Ace the Interview, Master the Master & Bag the Budget

Your body language will make a greater impression in a presentation than any coolly coordinated Coco Chanel Twinset you may invest in to help close the deal. 70% to 90% of all communication is expressed non-verbally: 38% through your inflection, 55% by your facial expression and only 7% with the spoken word. So, instead of breaking the bank with a designer power suite, try these proven body language tips for success.

1. Pat Yourself On the Back

The energy projected when you know your own worth easily proves sufficient leverage to command authority from the moment you enter the room, and often without needing to mention them.

Identify, qualify & quantify the impact of your expertise in past achievements, to boost your ego. Keep a “Bragging Rights Log” highlighting past successes and review it regularly.



2. Act As If

Command authority and project that air of someone who has options to get them to chase you, even if you’ve been living from one UIF check to the next and desperately need the job. In fact, strike that word “need” out of your vocabulary completely.

Tell yourself you have a million other offers. Think of yourself as a business not a future worker and of your skills as a product/service you’re selling.

3. Chin Up, Chest Out

Tall people strike commanding profiles amongst shrinking minions in the corporate playing field.

You will appear inches taller than you are by simply straightening up your back, lifting your chin and pushing your shoulders back.



4. Perfect Pitch for Pitching Right

Lower and regulate your vocal pitch by regularly imitating the yoga “Ohmmm” sound – a hum created from deep in the throat while your lips are closed.

Since vocal pitch plays a huge part in how you are perceived, getting professionally pitch perfect will go along way to advancing your ambitions.

5. Remain Contained – Every Breath You Take

The mind is the master of the senses and the breath is the master of the mind. Practice relaxation breathing techniques to empty the mind and steady the nerves.

No matter how nervous, agitated, desperate or insecure you are, your senses and emotions will follow your breathing patterns and the ability to regulate your breath in stressful situations can make or break how you’re coming across.



6. Widen Your Stance – At Ease but Grounded

Relax while standing, position your feet comfortably apart to appear grounded and confident.


7. The Eyes Don’t Lie – Hold the Gaze, Read the Reader

Own a positive stake in your meeting, by making comfortable eye contact for about 50 – 60% of your meeting.

Try acting the artist when making any eye contact, and list the physical attributes of the eyes you’re looking at as though you were drawing them, quietly in your mind.

What is their color, are they oval shaped or slanted, long-lash or lazy, do they have a shrewd leaning or are they softened by laugh lines? This trick will take your mind away from the awkwardness of gazing at a stranger.

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