Creating a Positive Work Environment

Being a woman boss can be intimidating to everyone especially make coworkers that now have to answer to a woman. However, there are ways that a woman can make the people under her feel very comfortable. Here are some ways to make that work environment a positive fun place that people will enjoy working in.

Trust is the key to everything:

The key to a positive work environment is trust. The boss is in charge of everyone, and it is the boss that does certain things, and the one that everyone turns to for the answers on how to do things or solve problems.

If a boss has given an answer to a question, then it is expected to be the correct answer.

The employees have to put their trust in the boss that everything is going to be fine, and that their boss will take care of them.



Open communication:

Anytime there is a problem, an employee may have to come to their boss to help them with whatever the situation is.

A boss has to be open and easy to communicate with so the employee will feel like they matter.

Listening to whatever the problem is, offering advice, and helping as much as possible will show the employees that their boss is willing to listen and help them no matter what is going on.

Team spirit helps make everyone happy:

A boss can do certain things to ensure that her team is happen. Happy workers will work better, and doing little things can really make a big difference.

Some ways a boss can create team spirit is to bring coffee and donuts for her team, or give out little prizes when a team member does something really well.



Take responsibility for mistakes:

If a question is answered, and that answer was wrong, then it has to be the boss that takes the responsibility for the mistake.

Workers may have questions about how to do something, and if the answer they got from the boss was wrong, then that boss should handle the repercussions.

The workers trust their boss to be right, and to have their back if an answer was wrong.

Keep the work area clean:

Employees want to come into work every day, and sit down at a desk or cubicle that has been cleaned and disinfected.

A dusty work desk is not going to make workers happy, especially if they have to clean their desk first before they begin working.

As the boss, the area should be kept clean, and provide things like wipes and hand sanitizer if the workers request it.



Positive employee evaluations:

When it is time to evaluate workers, the boss should keep things on the positive side.

The truth is, no one wants to be told when they have performed poorly at their job, and the way they are told can really make a big difference.

A boss should not dwell on poor performance, but focus on the positive aspects and give praise for it.


Make work fun for special occasions:

A worker that arrives at work on their birthday, and sees their desk is decorated for it, is going to feel really special.

A boss that celebrates special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries is going to show that they really do care about their employees and their lives outside of work.

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