Dealing With Those Annoying Co-workers

Are your co-workers getting you down? Some people can be really annoying and it can make your day harder to deal with. However, you can’t bottle it all up and just suddenly explode one day. Here are some tips for dealing with those annoying co-workers and making your work day easier to deal with.

Be Polite and Civil at All Times

Just because you have a problem with someone doesn’t mean you can risk your career. If you act out or make it clear that you don’t like someone when working with them, they have every right to report you and it could lead to you losing your job instead.

Be polite and civil, as hard as it may be, and it will make the other person crack.



Don’t Let One Person Steal the Spotlight

There is always one person who thinks she deserves all the attention. Don’t let that happen but don’t fight him or her either. Encourage others in the group to speak up and listen to what others have to say.

If she tries to butt in, ask her to wait her turn because you want to hear from the person you asked. If you have big news and she interrupts you, let her finish and then tell your news: it will be the last thing people hear so works in your favour.

Put People on a Time Limit

There is always someone who wants to waste everyone’s time—and usually make them look back instead of himself. Put him on a time limit when he stops by your office.

Tell him that you have a call in the next five minutes or you have some emails to answer. It will make it clear that you want him out of the office so you can get on with your work.



What Would She Like to Do?

There is usually someone who doesn’t like hearing anyone else’s ideas. When there is a problem in the office and you have a great invention or idea, it can be heartbreaking to hear the word no but without a good reason.

Instead, ask the co-worker what she would like to do instead. When she can’t think of anything else, suggest that you at least try your idea instead of letting something fail even more.

Dealing with Those with No Manners

Does one person keep leaving her dirty cups and plates and never do the washing up? Does someone always chew loudly or is constantly talking at the top of her voice.

People with no manners are irritating but there is something you can do. If you’ve already tried talking to her (politely!), take it to your manager. You could suggest a blanket email is sent out reminding people of the office policies.



The Person Who Can’t Take the Blame

People don’t like being in trouble but most co-workers will accept blame if they have done something wrong but there is someone who won’t. When it comes to them pushing the blame on everyone else, you need to communicate.

At the start of a project, give everyone a task and make it clear they are responsible for that. If their task isn’t done, they will be held accountable for it.

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