How to Overcome the Challenges Women Face in Business

Work is a man’s world – at least, that is what it seems like when you listen to the news. There is always something about how women are paid less, there are problems with maternity leave or men believe mothers should stay at home. It opens a lot of challenges in business, whether you work for someone or are starting your own. Here are some tips to help you overcome the challenges many women face in business.

Prove You Can Balance Work and Life

Employers worry that women can’t balance their home and work lives. It’s a strange one since men do not need to prove that they can do this.

Show that you have a good balance and that you can prioritise when you need to. This is all about time management and is a good habit that you can develop.



Beating the Cultural Views

You may hear that women shouldn’t work in certain areas or that you shouldn’t start a specific business. This is all because of cultural and society views.

While you can’t change them, prove to people that you can do something. Work hard and it will pay off in the long term.

Try, Try and Try Again

The only person who fails is the person who doesn’t bother trying. If you work at something, it will eventually pay off, whether you get the promotion you were after, a new job or a new client.

Keep trying, even if something doesn’t pan out how you wanted. When one door closes, another one opens.



Persist When You Receive Rejection

Don’t let rejection negatively affect you; let it make you stronger. Whether you are turned down for an investment, a job or a promotion, learn where you went wrong.

As the person for pointers to improve and if they say there isn’t anything, ask them why someone else got it over you – what did that other person/business have that you didn’t. This helps you improve and persist.

Develop a Thick Skin

No matter how much you want the world to change, it isn’t going to happen overnight. You will get remarks that you don’t agree with, unfortunately.

The trick to overcome this is to develop a thick skin. Learn from criticism, brush yourself off and start again.



Prove Your Better than the Males

The best way to overcome problems with being a women in the world of work is to prove that you are better than all the males out there. Give them a reason to hire you and make them want you more.

Being a female isn’t a weakness and stop seeing it that way. You can be better than the males and employers/investors/clients will see that if you are willing to prove it.


Delegate Your Tasks

Don’t feel like you need to take everything on to prove you’re better. Men delegate their tasks, so do the same!

This could be in your home life – let your husband do the washing up every now and then – or in your work life. You will manage your time more and become more productive.

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