How to Keep Animals Out of Your Garden

Gardening can be a very rewarding task not only is it a form of enjoyable activity for many. It also allows you to grow your own fruits and vegetables that can save you tons of money at the local grocery store. However, we know that when we plant a garden sometimes it’s challenging to keep out the pesky animals who seem to keep destroying everything you’ve worked so hard to create.

If you’d like to keep out these animals without harming them and without spending a lot of money then you’re in luck. There are some great ways to keep them out and you’re your newly created garden in tip-top shape.

Creative Solutions

  • Create raised beds for your seeds. A great size is 10 ft by 10 ft but you can make them larger. The ability to walk around inside will be helpful for getting any weeds and watering your seeds. You can then put a small fence around the area to keep out the unwanted animals.
  • If you live on a farm creating a fence around the entire garden area can be very costly. If you have just a smaller patch of land that you’ve devoted to your garden then it will obviously be much less expensive. However, evergreen trees can be a great solution to the problem if you have a space about 20×20 feet. This may not be a quick solution to the problem as they do take some time to grow but you can start off with ones that are already growing such as four-foot tall trees and plant them.
  • In order to keep out bigger and smaller pests you can build a wire fence that run three strands that are about two foot apart. From there you can grow some vines which will be dense and harder for animals to get in and out.

Most individuals opt to simply put up a fence. This could work but depending on the type of animal that’s getting in it may not be the best solution and you may find yourself throwing good money after bad. Killing the animals isn’t a good solution either so try to find solutions that are safe for the animal but will keep them away from your crops for good!

If you notice an issue with a specific type of animal such as squirrels you may want to consider something like a habanero pepper spray. There are recipes on the internet to create this potent concoction. You can apply it to your tomato plants, lettuce and other crops to keep them out of the area without harming them. They won’t find the smell to be pleasant and will opt to eat someone else’s crops!

How to Find Creative Solutions

Individuals have been dealing with pesky rodents in their gardens for centuries. In order to find out the best humane solutions you can do some research:

  • Online sites are a great resource for finding solutions to problems.
  • Ask a skilled gardener at your local home maintenance store.
  • Ask friends and family how to keep out animals.

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