The Gift Rules for the Holiday Season

Is your workplace doing a Secret Santa? You may have a few colleagues that you would like to give a gift to this year. When it comes to gifts, there are rules that you need to abide by. This helps to keep the peace, whether it is work based or with the family. Here are some o the rules you should follow this holiday season.

Make a Full List

Don’t decide on one present for everyone. Make a full list, with a few alternative ideas. This could cover a range of ideas and budgets to make sure you’re ready for everything.

You never know if something is going to be in stock or not so having alternatives cuts down the stress. You can then keep the list for the next year with the stuff you didn’t buy!

Gift Cards can be Appreciated

When you were little, did you always hate the gift card present? You may have nightmares of trying to find that one thing in that shop. However, there are benefits to gift cards and money.

Think about the person and the things that they want. They may have mentioned they’re looking for a new TV stand or they want something to help them with their career. You can then give them money towards that.

Watch Out for Overspending

You don’t want to blow your budget on the first present. If you’re buying for a Secret Santa, you will already have a budget set. You need to stick to them. Going even slightly over can affect your whole plans for the gifts.

Before you get out shopping, determine your budget per person and never feel tempted to spend more. When it comes to family, try to spend the same amount on each person.

Have the Gift Receipt

There are times that the gifts aren’t quite what people need. They may have bought something similar or have the same gift from two people.

Place the gift receipt with the present or make it clear that you have it, should then need to return it for any reason. Not all will use it but it is a nice gesture.

Give Colleague Gifts in Private

Other colleagues may feel a little left out if you don’t give them a present. To avoid this feeling, give the presents in private.

You could go to lunch with the ones you have gifts for or invite them to your house for a few seasonal drinks. You could always leave it on the desk when there is no one around, with the request that they don’t say anything in front of others.

Getting the Boss a Gift

Some bosses don’t want gifts from their employees. They will make it clear in the policy that you shouldn’t get them anything.

Review the policy and check for this. Even if you want to do it as a thank you, avoid buying the gift. You could always make a donation to his favourite charity if you really want to do something.


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