Why Your Business Needs to be Present Online

So, you’ve started a new business. Good for you! This is a really rewarding experience. However, you need to give it the best start and that means having an online presence. If you don’t already have a website, get one up now and start working on your online reputation. Here are just some of the ways it will help you.

People Start Searches Online

Even when looking for local businesses, people will start their search online. You want to be one of those that comes up otherwise you’ll never end up with customers.

Your website is the best way to do this but you can also use Google Places, Facebook pages and other location based ways to improve your SEO and be found by potential customers.



People Want to Check Your Reputation

As well as looking for your business, people will look for more about you. They use the internet to see if you have customers leaving feedback and whether it is positive or negative.

No feedback at all sends red flags, so ask your customers to go online and place some feedback about you. You can also use testimonials on your website.

Fewer Overheads Online

An online business will have fewer overheads than a physical location. You can do all the work from your home office and just pay for the website and any marketing that you need.

If you opted for a physical location, you would need to consider your lease for the space, along with the cost for your daily commute.



Look More Professional

A business with a website looks more professional. This is really important if you want to gain more clients. By having a website, you can include information about you and the products or services that you offer.

You will have contact information and samples of your work, if those are something you need. People are more likely to choose someone who comes across as professional.

Show You Answer Concerns

Social media pages are a great way to show that you care about your customers. You can answer questions and concerns quickly and easily. There is no excuse for not answering them with the different mobile devices around.

Of course, this can work negatively if you don’t publically answer the negative comments surrounding you or if you ignore everything that is posted on your social media accounts.



Free or Low Cost Marketing

The internet is full of different ways to market your business. With your website, you can link back through guest posting, adding comments on forums and even through press releases.

These are great for low cost and sometimes free marketing. It is much better than spending a fortune on TV ads and flyers that people aren’t likely to read.


Business Around the World

By being online, you’re not limiting yourself to one location. You can get business from all over the world.

Whatever you offer or sell, you could find businesses and individuals emailing you with their needs and money.

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