Proving to an Employer You’re Worth Hiring

If you are going for a promotion or new job, you will need to prove that it is worth the employer’s time and money hiring you. As a woman, you will already be at a disadvantage so you need to really impress during an interview process. Here are some tips to help you.

Include Samples and Ideas with Your CV

Depending on the type of role, you could include some samples of the things you have done before. This could be a link to an online writing portfolio or samples of your artwork. Only include these if they are relevant to your application. The benefit of including these is that they show you have the initiative and could at least get you to the interview stage.


What Skills Will Help the Company?

The employer wants to know how you will help his company. What skills do you have? When you are explaining them, think about how this serves the company and the role that you are applying for. So you have great team working skills, what does that mean for the business? So you can develop programmes in four different languages, how does that help the company?

Research the Business

The only way you can prove your skills will help the business is by doing your research. What types of projects has the business done in the past? What clients have they worked with? Who is their target audience? By showing that you know more about the company, the employer will take you more seriously and realise that you are interested in its growth.

Could You Improve on Anything?

Think about the type of tasks the company has done within your role. Is there anything that they did that you would improve on? This will help put your skills into practise and show your knowledge. However, be careful of criticising the company; be constructive and polite.


Check Your Social Media Accounts

Employers will be interested in your online branding, especially smaller companies. It is likely that you will put your employment on your social media but this is only beneficial if your social media profiles are flattering. Employers and clients don’t want to see photos of drunken nights out when hiring so hide or remove them.

What Do You Say on Blogs and Forums?

There are other online factors that will apply to interview success. If you write a blog and your name is on it, will it be something that is appealing to employers or something that makes them question you; having a personal and opinionated blog can be damaging to the firm’s reputation. The same applies to the types of comments you make on forums. Be wary of anything that is searchable online.

Where Will You be in Five Years?

Employers want to know you will be around for the long term. They don’t want to have to rehire someone in a few months time because you’re going backpacking around the world or you’re going back to school. Don’t lie about where you will be in five years time but be diplomatic to help get hired.

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