Tips to Create a CV to Get You the Job

Your CV is the first thing potential employers will see so it needs to be good. You need to show off your skills, your confidence and how you will help the company in this one to two page document. Many CVs are glanced over and placed in the reject pile, so make sure yours isn’t by following these great tips.

Write in a Clear Font

Don’t use this chance to show off your MS Word skills. Pick a font that is clear to read, such as Times New Roman or Arial, and a size that is clear. The potential employer or HR department won’t have time to try and decipher everything that you have written and it will just end up in the reject pile.

Have Your Name and Contact Number at the Top

Clearly state your name and contact number at the top of the CV. The employer will need this to be able to contact you about an interview. A phone number and email address are often perfectly fine now but your home address may be useful.

Have Clear Headings for Each Section

Make it easy for the person reading the CV to see what each section is going to include. You should have the following: Personal Statement, Education, Employment and References. This will give the potential employer an easier chance of finding the section he or she wanted to make sure you are skilled for the job.

Bullet Point Your Information

Don’t make your CV an essay. You want to keep all the information bullet pointed so you get straight to the point. List the place of education, how long you studied there and any skills that you gained from your time there.

Do the same with your employment history and focus on the skills that are required for the job you are applying for. Once you list everything, look back over the skills and question whether they fit the job description.


Write in Good English

Just because you are bullet pointing doesn’t mean that your English doesn’t need to be good. Poorly written CVs is a sign that your work will be poor – at least, that is what the employer will think – and your CV will end up on the reject pile.

Show that you do care about attention to detail by proofreading your CV and making sure there are no mistakes. If you are bad at this, ask someone else to do it for you.

Supply Links to Your Blog and Other Work

As long as the works are professional, supply links to back up your skill claims. This will also be an interesting talking point for your interview. If you have previous work that you would be doing for the company, supply that as initiative and jump to the front of the interview pile.

The Way to Organise Employment

If you have a lot of gaps in your employment, there are chances that you don’t want that to show up in your CV. Instead of doing a chronological CV, do one that shows off your skills. This means that you write the skills and show where you got them from in your previous employment.

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