6 Tips to Save $1,000 Every Year

When you started the year, you may have had a goal to save $1,000 during the year. At the start it seemed like such a doable goal, but now you’re not too sure. However, it is possible and you can do it every year. Eventually you will find this so easy that you start saving more. However, for now we will stick to the $1,000 goal. Here are some tips to get you started on this not so difficult journey.

Don’t Worry About Others Around You

There will be people around you questioning this goal. It’s time to ignore their comments and just keep going. Good friends will not want you to waste all your savings on frivolous items all the time.

They will support you in this goal to be more financially secure. In fact, they may even join in with the goal to reach those savings amounts.

Watch Out for Limited Offers

All businesses put on limited time offers. There is a reason for this: to get more sales.

You see if people feel like there is a limited time to get a deal, they will spend money that they don’t necessarily have. That “limited offer” will come back in some other way, shape or form later on. Don’t fall for the limited offers, unless it is an item that you really do need and the timing has just been perfect.

Where Can You Cut Back?

There are always places in your budget to cut back on. You could use less electricity by consciously turning the lights out whenever you leave the room. Check through your subscriptions to see if you are paying for things that you don’t really use anymore.

Call the companies to try and negotiate a lower rate for your loyalty. Just dropping $10 a month will give you an extra $120 a year for your savings.



Set Out a Plan

Have a clear plan to get you from here to that $1,000.

That requires looking at your budget to see just how much you need to save a week or month, and the steps you will take to make it possible. It may seem difficult when you look at it as a whole, but when you look into the separate steps you will soon find that your $1,000 goal is more doable than ever.

Get the Family Involved

It’s not just about you. You need to get the whole household involved in the savings plan.

Get them onboard with the steps they need to take, and make sure they are aware of the consequences of not reaching your goals. It could mean not getting to go on that exciting Disney holiday, or you’re not able to afford the latest game system.



Encourage Sales People to Do a Deal

Sometimes you can negotiate a better deal when you do want something.

This doesn’t just work by using loyalty. It works by showing a keen interest but making it clear that the cost is just too prohibitive right now. Remain friendly and strike up a conversation to help yourself.

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