How to Get Back Into Fitness

Some women used to love exercising. For one reason or another, they stopped. It could have been due to an injury, pregnancy and baby raising or it may have been lack of motivation. Now is your time to get back into fitness. But the question is how do you do it? Should you start from the beginning or can you jump straight back to where you were?

Take It Slow

You’re not going to be able to jump straight back into it. While your muscles are good at remembering fitness levels, they can’t retain them indefinitely.

You will need to test your muscles by getting out there and taking it slow. If you find that the minimum is too little, add more weights or run a little faster until you reach a point that is slightly challenging.

Start With Flexibility

Start by carrying out some flexibility exercises. These help to stretch your muscles and will make it easier for them to bounce back into your routine.

If you don’t stretch, you run the risk of tearing your muscles and ligaments, causing serious injury. There is also the risk of twisting the joints, and the muscles will not have the flexibility to support them.

Focus on the Core Muscles

If you’ve not exercised for a while, you may have sat for long periods in the day. This affects the core muscles. You need to work on them, as they will help improve your overall fitness.

Planks, stability ball exercises and dorsel raises are great options for building the core muscles. You’ll be surprised how better your posture becomes by doing these exercises.

Start Two Days a Week

Start off by doing exercise two days a week and then build it up to five (the recommended amount).

You don’t need to do more than 30 minutes of exercise, but more is not discouraged once you have the stamina and capabilities for it.

Do a Mixture of Exercises

Don’t focus on one area or one type of exercise. You want to make the most of this, and you can do that by incorporating a mixture of exercise. Do some cardio one day and then strength training the next.

If you find that you really ache one day, try a gentle swim in the pool. It works all your muscles, but the water supports your body to make it feel easier.

Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard

Don’t try to push yourself so you’re straight back into the amount of exercise you used to do. This isn’t going to do your body any favours. You could injure yourself!

Your body isn’t used to all that exercise, and it will complain at you if you keep trying.

Get Enough Rest

Remember that sleep is still needed. No it is not for the weak, and you shouldn’t have the mentality that you can sleep when you’re dead!

Your muscles need the rest and your brain needs it to help fuel the rest of your body.

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