How to Save Money on Your Home Heating Bill

With the colder temperatures on their way, one thing you may be thinking about is how to save money on your heating bill. Fuel costs are on the rise, but this doesn’t mean you’ll have to suffer high energy bills. From having a more efficient furnace to having the proper insulation, there are plenty of ways to stay warm this winter without having to spend a fortune.

Have Your Furnace Cleaned Professionally

Giving your vents a quick sweeping before your turn on your furnace doesn’t give it the proper cleaning that it needs, and it may even lead to a fire if the ducts are blocked.

At the start of the cold weather, have your furnace cleaned professionally. Professional furnace techs will give your ducts and the unit a complete cleaning to ensure that it runs more efficiently.

Insulate Your Windows and Doors

Heat from your furnace can escape the house quickly through windows and doors that are not properly insulated. When this happens, the house gets colder faster, causing the furnace to kick on more often.

Have your windows and doors properly insulated with weather stripping and make sure that no warm can escape through gaps or cracks.

Replace Your Furnace

If your furnace is over fifteen years old, it may not run as efficiently as it once did.

Replacing it with an energy-efficient furnace is a good way to cut back on heating bills, as they use less fuel and operate more efficiently. This option isn’t a cheap one, but it is a good investment for your home.

Teach Your Kids About Heating Costs

If you have kids that are constantly running in and out of the house and leaving doors open, this can cause the furnace to kick on more often and for heat to escape the house.

Teach your kids about the fact that it costs money to heat the home. Go over your energy bill with them and let them know it’s their responsibility to keep fuel costs low by closing doors tightly when they come inside.

Use Natural Heat Sources

In the early winter, make sure you open your blinds and drapes early so that the sun can stream in and heat your home naturally.

Not only does it make a room more cheerful, it can also save on heating bills. Trapped heat in a home will cause the furnace to kick on less often, saving you money.

Turn Down the Thermostat

When you leave your home in the morning, turn down the thermostat. Your home will still be warm when you return, as the furnace will still turn on, only it will do less frequently.

You can always turn it back up a few degrees in the evening, when temperatures outside are at their lowest.

Make Sure Vents Are Clear

Warm air cannot circulate properly within the home if the vents are blocked. Make sure you tie back long curtains and move rugs so that the vents can operate efficiently.

Never block vents with furniture, especially if they are covered with fabric.

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