Tips for Saving Money Around the House

With the economy still in trouble, people are still looking for ways to save money. They don’t want to give up all their luxuries but aren’t prepared to pay the hundreds and thousands that they have done in the past. Here are a few tips for saving your money on regular tasks that you need to do around the house – and for your luxuries.

Make Your Own Hair Gel

With a little water and gelatine, you could have your own hair gel. You can make it smell nice with a little essential oil. It works just as good as the stuff you buy from the shop but is so much cheaper.

In fact, you could spend just a few pennies for a whole tub compared to the pounds that you spend in store.

Reuse Your Clothing

If you have items of clothes that don’t fit or you don’t want to wear, it is time to recycle them. This doesn’t mean taking them to the skip! You can use them for other items around the house.

In fact, t-shirts can become bags or you can use items for arts and craft material. This helps to save money on the items that you could buy in a specialist store!

Buy in Bulk

It may sound expensive upfront but you will often find that buying in bulk is cheaper. This is great for non-perishable items, such as baby’s nappies and wipes and cleaning products.

There are some wholesalers who will sell to customers if they want to buy in bulk and you could always join in with a friend to keep the costs down.

Make Your Own Flavoured Water

Don’t bother buying the supermarket prices for the bottled flavoured water. You can make your own naturally and it will be healthier for you.

Just add a few of the ingredients that you want the water to taste like into a large jug. There are plenty of ideas, including strawberries, raspberries and even just cooling cucumbers!

Swap Your Clothes

This is a big thing at the moment and known as “shwapping”. It is when you find someone to swap clothes with so you have a whole new wardrobe.

There are places online to swap with people in your local area but you could also opt for a swapping party with your friends. Get everyone to bring an item or two that they’d like to get rid of and have some fun.

Keep Your Raw Ingredients Fresh

Thinks like pasta, sugar and flour tend to go off when stored for a long period of time. This is because of the oxygen in the air.

You can help prevent this by storing them in airtight containers. You can buy plastic and glass ones easily.

Separate Your Meat

If you buy large selections of meat for the family or yourself, separate it before you freeze it.

You can cut it down into the portion sizes that you will eat and soon find that three packs of meat last three or four times longer than they initially would (depending on your family size).

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