7 Essential Items for Camping

It is time to get out camping. The sun is shining and the nights are lighter, making them perfect for sitting around a campfire with friends and singing your camping songs, while making s’mores. However, before you go camping, you need to make sure you are ready for it. Here are seven items that you must take with you to protect you while out.

A Shelter Sheet or Tent

Decide between the two. A shelter sheet is great if you know the weather is going to be warm and dry the whole time.

It is very easy to put up and handle. However, a tent offers more protection if it rains and will also give you some privacy with whoever you are camping with (if you’re not on your own).



Sleeping Bags and Airbeds

You want comfort while sleeping under the stairs. You may think that the ground will be soft but you could end up picking the worst spot.

Instead of relying on Mother Nature being kind, invest in sleeping bags and airbeds. You will have a better and warmer night’s sleep and will be ready for whatever the next day has planned for you.

Hats, Sunglasses and Sunscreen

Be prepared for the hot weather. You don’t want to ruin your camping trip with sunburn or irritation. Sunscreen should be one thing that is right at the top of your list.

Look for those with a higher SPF factor for protection against the sun’s UV rays. Hats and sunglasses are also worthwhile to help shade your face, which is the easiest part of the body to damage.



Cooking Items

Whether you take your own frying pan or you are using the small metal tins that you can pick up from an Army supply store, make sure you have them for your trip.

You will also need to think about your cutlery and plates. You won’t need a lot while out but definitely need some.

Trash Bags

You cannot leave your rubbish behind. Take some black bags with you so you can pick up the mess that you make.

This will help to leave the campsite in the same state that you found it for the next users and will avoid any fines should you get caught leaving your rubbish. It also prevents the animals in the area getting hurt from your leftovers.



Insect Repellent

The bugs are one of the most annoying things when it comes to camping. Make sure you have something to keep them away, especially if you react badly to them.

If you know you have bad reactions, consider taking antihistamines to help counter the bug bites.

Games for the Group

While camping with friends or family is fun and there is a lot of do during the day, during the night you will need to find your own entertainment.

There are no TVs or radios out in the wild so take your own games with you. There are plenty of options, including card and board games.

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