Moving Into Full-Time RVing: Downsizing From Your Home

RVing full-time is something that appeals to many. There is no mortgage to pay and you have the freedom to live anywhere. However, it can be difficult for those who have lived in large houses or even small apartments before. Everything is under that very small roof and there is very little space for clothes and belongings. It is difficult downsizing but made easier with these tips.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

It’s not just physically difficult; it is a big mental change too and can be draining. You will need to prepare yourself mentally for this. If you already have an RV, try spending a weekend in it without the use of your home.

Get plenty of trips for weeks, fortnights and even months, so you are prepared for this big change emotionally.



Organise Everything Beforehand

Organisation is a must when living in an RV full-time. Organise all your belongings into groups, such as your clothes and shoes in one box and pile, your kitchen items in another and so on.

This will make it easier to know what is going into your new home, what will go into storage and what you are selling.

Be Realistic About the Amount You Can Take

Look at the size of space you have and be realistic. You can’t have 30 pairs of shoes, 10 different dresses and clothes to last a whole year. You will need to have a few outfits that you can switch between.

Make piles of clothes for the RV, to put in storage and to bin or give to charity. Don’t worry about giving a lot of your clothes away—you could even make money by selling them.



Pick the Items to Sell

Think carefully about the things you are going to sell. It could take time to get the money that you want but there are some that will sell quicker than others.

Games consoles, business suits, dress shoes and boots and many kitchen items will sell relatively quickly.

Book Your Storage Early

Get storage that suits your need. You may decide to move into a home at a later stage, so keep your dining room table, couches and other large items.

While you don’t want something too big, you need a storage compartment that fits all the boxes and precious items that you want to keep. Even if you’re not going to move into a home again, you want something to pass onto the family.



Only Keep the Paperwork You Really Need

Now is not the time to start hoarding your paperwork. Think about the items that you really need. Do you need the bank statements from three years ago? No! Shred them!

Do you need the payslips from six months ago? Possibly so keep hold of them for now. Avoid putting confidential documents into storage. Either have them with you or shred them.

Scan Your Photos into the Computer

You want to keep your photos but there isn’t going to be much room for them around the RV. Besides, it’s going to be difficult to keep them standing upright when you are travelling.

Have everything on the computer so you can see them at a glance.

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