Taking Everything You Need For a Cruise

Going on a cruise can be very exciting because the cruise ships travel to exotic places. However, what makes a cruise different from an airplane ride is the fact that cruises can last from a week to a month depending on the destinations. Packing for a cruise is special, and there are some tips to follow that can make packing for it a lot easier.

 Your Suitcase:

The suitcase you take with you should be the same size as the carryon luggage for an airplane.

You do not have to have a large suitcase because there are self-serve laundry facilities and dry cleaning services available on the ship.



The Dress Code:

Every cruise ship has a dress code that all passengers must follow. The best clothes to take are clothes that have no holes or rips in them.

Business casual is the best way to pack, which means nice shirts, good pants, and cover ups for bathing suits. You may also need to pay a more formal outfit for special events that the cruise may offer.

Warm Clothes:

Your destination is going to dictate the kinds of clothes you pack. However, you may go from one climate to another so packing a few warm clothes like a few thick sweaters, and a coat may be a good idea.



Pack Smart:

You need to pack clothes that you will genuinely wear for more than one occasion. If there is just one special night, do you really want to pack one outfit that is going to take up valuable suitcase space?

If you really want a new outfit for that special night, check out the stores onboard and see if anything catches your eye.

Pack For Going Ashore:

Remember, you are going on a cruise ship to a special destination. Typically, cruise ships stop at different destinations along the way.

You are going to leave the ship to explore the different destination, so be sure you pack clothes that you can wear ashore. If your destination is someplace hot, like Egypt or Greece, be sure you take light colored clothes that are comfortable and good shoes.

Pack items of clothing that will be fine for the weather and respectful of other cultures’ traditions.



Leave Space In Your Suitcase:

Instead of taking a small bag, consider taking a medium size suitcase, but do not stuff it so full you can barely zip it.

Remember, you are going to find a lot of items to buy including gifts for your family and friends back home.

Leave Your Books at Home:

Traditionally, people going on a cruise take a book, or many books, with them to have something to do onboard.

This is the digital age, and many cruise lines now have libraries on board and the ability for electronic books to be downloaded. If you have a tablet, you can take that instead so you can download books to read instead of having to carry them.

Cruises can be a lot of fun because there is nothing more enjoyable then the open sea. Cruises can be a week or a month long, and you will need to pack for the amount of time you will be gone.

However, just keep in mind that you will be able to laundry while on the ship, and you will also be able to shop for anything else that you may need, but might have forgotten at home. Cruises are special, and the voyage will be something that you will never forget.

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