Quick Tips to Organise Your Activities on Holiday

Going away is a great time to relax but you don’t want to spend the whole time in the room or by the pool. It’s a chance to explore a new location, do things that you wouldn’t usually do at home and try new foods and experiences. Your vacation spot probably has a lot of things to see and do and here are some tips to help organise that.

Let People Find Out More

You want to make sure the activities are perfect for everyone and have something that each person wants to do.

Allow them to research the area and find out more about the location. Let them find out about the sights and the sounds and the type of exhibitions and events that are happening in the area.



Ask Them to Make Lists

Now give everyone some paper and a pen and ask them to list the 5-10 things that they would like to do. You will use these lists to create a final list.

Make it clear that they need to list everything in order of the best to the one they’re not so bothered about missing because you will start from the top! Younger children may need help with this part.

Bring the Lists Together

Get the lists together and go through them all. Take the first item from each list to add to your final list of things to do.

This makes sure everyone gets to do something that they want. Depending on the number of people in your group, you may need to choose the second or third items.



When Activities Overlap

You may find that activities overlap. When this happens, just move on and start looking at second and third items on the list.

It just shows that your family have similar tastes and want to enjoy the same things. It actually makes it slightly easier for you.

Planning Out Your Day

Now you need to start planning when you will do the activities. Look at the days that you will be away and consider if there are certain days an exhibition isn’t open.

For example, a day of rest for the country may be the best time to find other things to do, such as a trip to the beach or a visit around an area. You will also need to think about times.



Have a Mixture Throughout the Week

It’s likely that you have a mixture of museums, art galleries, water parks and other things to do. Don’t put all the museums together.

Mix it up so everyone can enjoy each day. This gives children something to look forward to after a museum or adults something to do after the child’s event.

Schedule Rest Days

You don’t need to do something on every day! Make sure there are days where you can just rest and relax.

Keep a day for the beach, the swimming pool or just enjoying ice cream in the local area. This is something everyone will enjoy.

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