The Best Ways To Pack For Your Vacation

Taking a vacation is great, but the problem with going away for any period of time is knowing what to pack. Some people tend to pack way too much, and end up with mountains of luggage, or a person does not pack enough and ends up leaving important items behind at home. There are a few essential things that every person going on vacation needs to take with them, and everyone going on the trip need to know how to pack their suitcase.


You need to bring your driver’s license and passport with you for identification.

If there is a special compartment in your purse, you need to pack everyone’s identification in it and carry it with you on the plane.



Label Your Luggage:

You need to make sure all the cards are filled out on every piece of luggage including all contact information just in case something happens.

If a piece of baggage is lost, and if someone finds it, then it can be returned to you.

Use Small Bottles:

The travel department of any grocery or drug store carries small clear bottles that are designed especially for traveling.

The bottles are a size that is approved by all airport security, and in them you can put your shampoo and other toiletries.



Use Sealable Plastic Bags:

To protect your clothing, you can use resalable plastic bags to put your travel bottles in.

If there is a loose cap, and one of the bottles leaks, then the mess will be contained inside the plastic bag instead of all over the inside of your suitcase.

Divide Your Cash and Credit Cards:

Just in case something happens, you need to make sure you divide up your cash, traveler’s cheques, and credit cards among the family members you are traveling with.

If a bag gets lost or stolen, there is still plenty of money for the trip because more than one person has money in their bags.



Rolling Up Your Clothes:

The best way to pack is to take each item of clothing you are taking and roll it up instead of folding it.

Rolling clothes up with give you a lot more room for things like shoes that you may want to pack in your suitcase.

Packing Medication:

Anyone that is on medication has to make sure they take it with them. The medication should be packed in the original bottles it came in with that person’s name clearly on the label.

It may be a good idea to get a note from the doctor stating what medicine a person is on. The bottles should be packed in a sealable airtight plastic bag to protect both the medication and the contents of the suitcase.

Packing for a trip can be quite frustrating if no one is sure what and how to pack.

However, with a few tips, a person can pack just what they need, and pack in a way that will ensure that if something does happen, a person’s money and identification will be in a safe place.

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