DIY T-Shirt Crafts for Kids

Every family has some old t-shirts lying around that need to either get thrown out or up cycled into something new. Here are some great t-shirt DIY crafts that you can do with and for your kids.

Shirt Wreath

Start with a foam or straw wreath form from the craft store and wrap it in ribbon or fabric scraps.

These wreaths are great for any season or holiday so pick some T-shirts in appropriate colors (red white & blue, pastels, orange & black, red & green) and cut them into 1-1/2 inch wide strips.

Have the little ones help bunch or wrap the strips into simple flower shapes and hold them in shape with fabric glue. Cover the wreath in these fabric flowers.




From T-Shirt to Skirt

Lay a t-shirt out flat and cut straight across under the armpits. 1/4 inch from the top of T-shirt segment you just cut, sew a gathering stitch (long straight stitch with low tension), leaving long thread tails 1/4 inch below where you just stitched.

Steal a waistband from an old pair of stretch pants or make your own from spare stretchy fabric. Pull on the gathering threads until the skirt width matches the waistband size and sew together.


T-Shirt Bracelets

Cut old t-shirts into 2-3 inch wide strips. With your little one go ahead and braid, knot, weave, or tie these strips into fun new accessories.

Go ahead and sew the bracelets closed to fit little wrists and big wrists and wear your fun new bracelets together.



Bleach Stamped Shirt

Using a bleach pen or stamps from the craft store, decorate old t-shirts using bleach. Little ones can do the work as long as they’re carefully supervised while working around bleach.

Alternately, lay down stencils and spray the shirt with bleach from a spray bottle.


T-Shirt Tote Bags

Lay an old t-shirt out flat and cut off the sleeves. Cut a half-circle opening at the neck about the size of half of a dinner plate.

Turn the t-shirt inside out and pin just the bottom hem closed. Sew along the t-shirt’s bottom seam twice to make it strong.

Now you have a new grocery or tote bag for you or your kids.




T-Shirt Scarf

Lay the shirt out flat and cut straight across under the armpits. With your little ones, paint, stamp, write on, or decorate the fabric until it’s just right.

Once it’s dry, you have a brand new “infinity scarf” loop for you or your children that they made to their liking.


From T-Shirt to Superhero Cape

Pick out a HUGE t-shirt, lay it out flat, cut off the sleeves, and cup up the side seams. Open the shirt up and lay it out flat with the opening for the head in the center.

On one side of the head opening cut about 2″ below the neckline and discard all of that cut fabric.

Now you have a superhero cape for your favorite day saver. You may need to cut the cape a little short so it doesn’t trip your caped crusader.


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