The Top Travel Apps You Need to Download

If you’re about to go on vacation, you’re probably thinking about your technology use. While you don’t want to be attached to your phone the whole time, it can certainly come in handy when you’re in a city you don’t know. Here are the top travel apps you need to download for your next trip away.

A Map Software

If you don’t already have one on your phone, it’s time to put some mapping software on your phone. Google Maps is a favourite for many, but there are other options out there including the iOS Maps.

Whichever you download, test it out before you go to make sure it takes you the most direct, safest and easiest route. The next time you get lost, you don’t need to pull out a map and look like a tourist. Nowadays, everyone is on their phone while walking around.

Trip Advisor

Wondering what to do for the day? Can’t decide where to eat? Trip Advisor is great. It’s full of reviews, things to look out for, ideas and tips while you’re travelling abroad or in the country.

It’s completely free to download, and you can check it whenever you want to find out if somewhere is worth visiting for the day.

Currency Converting Apps

It’s time to stop converting your currency mentally. Download something like Xe Currency, and you will have constant access to the current exchange rates.

Remember they change on a daily basis, so that rate you got at the start of your holiday is not necessarily going to be the same right now. By having the currency converting app, you can make sure a purchase really is worth your money while away.


Keeping your itinerary in order is a must. You need to be at the airport by a certain time, and then stay on track for checking in and out times and food times.

TripIt makes it possible to add all of your itinerary in at the start and make sure you stay on time for everything. You can add things in on the day to make sure you remember something that you’re supposed to do later on.

Translation App

If you’re travelling to a foreign company, a translation app is a must. Google Translate is the most popular, but there are plenty of others.

The next time you see a sign in the foreign language, you can type it in and get a general translation. It can also work with your microphone, so you find out what people are saying to you quickly and easily. This will make ordering that coffee and cake a breeze!


You want to stay in contact with the people back home, so you need an affordable method. WhatsApp is perfect.

It connects with other messengers and Skype, so you can contact people quickly and easily. Share the photos as they happen and keep up to date with flight times when you’re on your way home.

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