Enjoy Your Holiday with These Sun Safety Tips

Enjoy Your Holiday with These Sun Safety Tips

Staying safe in the sun is important. Not only will it protect your skin from burning and cancer, it will mean you can enjoy your holiday more. Here are some top tips to remaining safe while out in the sun so you can make the most of your adventure.

sunscreen-happy-beach-holidayUse Sunscreen Regularly

Always put sunscreen on. It doesn’t matter if you’re going out for an hour or for the whole day. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the village or the beach.

You need sunscreen. It protects your skin from burning, skin cancer and early aging. Use it throughout the day for maximum protection.

sunscreen-water-summerReapply Sunscreen After Water Activities

Sunscreen may state that it’s waterproof but you’re best not risking it. It will wash off your skin eventually and absorb into it to protect the next few layers.

The best thing to do is dry yourself off and reapply the sunscreen. Too much protection is better than none at all!

sunscreen-sport-legs-beachThe Sunscreen Doesn’t Work 100%

Remember that sunscreen is a protective layer but doesn’t stop all the sun’s rays from getting in.

You can still burn, especially if you don’t use the right level of protection. Think about your purchase and the amount that you use while out.

You should also consider your skin type and whether you regularly burn in the heat.

relax-home-phoneAvoid Going Out in the Hottest Parts of the Day

Between 11am and 3pm, the sun is at its highest and hottest. If you can, avoid going out during these times of the day.

If you do need to go out, then stick to shaded areas or make sure your skin is covered as much as possible.

You will not only find that your skin is damaged, but you will become more dehydrated and struggle with heat stroke more often.

sun-shadesRelax in the Shade

You may want a tan but sitting out in the sun is the worst thing for you. When you’re relaxing in the heat, find a bit that is in the shade.

Not only will you protect your skin from the rays, you will also look after yourself from other side effects of too much sun, including dehydration and heat stroke.

You will find that you can enjoy your day more and really relax instead of worrying about the heat.

drinking-water-sunset-beachDrink Plenty of Water

You need water while out in the heat. Your body will sweat much more and you will become dehydrated quickly.

Look after your organs, your skin and your brain by always having a bottle of water with you, even if you are sitting out in the shade.

Swimming pools and the sea are also great to remain hydrated but you will still sweat. Make sure your skin is protected too while in these areas.

15-minutes-timeNo More than 15 Minutes Without Sun Protection

Going out in the sun without sunscreen is good for you in small doses. In fact, it is recommended to make sure your body gets enough vitamin D.

However, you only need 15 minutes without the sunscreen for your daily amount!

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