7 Simple Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While Travelling

Travelling is an exciting thing to do. You may travel for your work, travel abroad for a holiday or enjoy a camping trip with your family in the country. However, you need to remain safe and keep your homes, cars and families safe. Here are some top tips to remain safe when away from home.

Don’t Make It Public Knowledge

You may want to share that you’re going away but it can cause problems. Anyone can read your Facebook status, your tweets or your messages in forums.

They can also use technology to find the location of your IP address or use their knowledge to find out where you live.

Don’t make it public knowledge that you’re going away to keep your home safe while you’re not there.



Ask Someone to House Sit

Talk to a close friend or a neighbour about house sitting for you. This doesn’t have to be the whole time that you’re away.

You could ask someone you trust to drop by every now and then, empty your post box for you so it doesn’t start overflowing and bring the bins out and put them away during the week.

Invest in a Timer for the Lights

Not having the lights on at night is a big sign that you’re not in.

However, having the lights on all the time will be a drain on your finances. Invest in a timer and set it to go off at a certain time.

Passers-by will think you’ve just turned your lights on and that you are home. Thieves will be deterred from breaking in and stealing your valuables.



Check All Your Windows and Doors

Make sure any entryway into your home is locked. You need to do this with the smaller ones too – you never know who could try to break in!

While the bottom windows are most important, make sure the top ones are secure.

A thief will find any way to get into your home and steal valuables. That bathroom window could be perfect for them!

Turn the Burglar Alarms On

Check that the burglar alarm is working and have it turned on while away.

If yours is connected to a security firm, make sure they are aware that you will be away and when you expect to return.

This will allow them to send out the right help should the alarm go off.



Don’t Leave a Personalised Message on the Answer Phone

If you have a landline with an answer phone, make sure it’s turned on but avoid leaving a personalised message.

Don’t tell anyone when you will be home because it is then clear your house is empty for a certain period of time.

If you can, check your messages while away to avoid the answer phone getting full in the first couple of days.

Unplug the Electrics

You don’t need everything on while you’re away. In fact, they’re a fire risk.

Turn everything off except the stuff that you really need to keep on, such as the burglar alarm and the freezer.

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