Make Your Greasy Hair Shine with Beauty

Make Your Greasy Hair Shine with Beauty

Greasy hair is a pain. It always looks greasy; sometimes even just after you’ve washed it! The trick is to working with the excess oils in your hair. Here are some tips to help make your greasy hair shine with natural beauty.

washing-hairStop Washing Your Hair Every Day

People with greasy hair think they have to wash it every day. This really isn’t the case!

In fact, washing your hair so often is making your hair look bad. You’re stripping the hair of its natural oils and then it thinks it needs to produce more.

Limit your hair washes to every other or every three days and you’ll start to see an improvement.

applying-hair-conditionerWatch Out for the Conditioner Use

Your hair may still need conditioner, even when greasy. The problem is the oils don’t always reach the tips and they become tangled; especially if they’ve been through other treatments.

When using conditioner, limit the amount that you use. Only apply it to the tips and main locks and use as little as possible around the roots.

hair-conditionerNever Use Leave-In Conditioner

This interacts with the oils and will just make your hair look worse than it really is. It will also leave a greasy residue in your hair so you just won’t be happy with it.

Apply normal conditioner when in the shower and wash it out after about five minutes. This gives it enough time to work to leave your hair looking shiny without interacting with the oils too much.

buy-shop-shampoo-shower-gelUse Shampoo and Conditioner Designed for Your Hair Type

Most shampoo and conditioners are designed specifically for certain types of hair.

Those for dry and damaged hair are designed to help promote extra oil while those for normal hair are designed to keep the balance as perfect as it is.

With greasy hair, you need to help control the amount of oil being produced so look out for those products for your hair to help with that.

hair-brushDon’t Brush Your Hair A Lot

When your hair is drying, let it dry naturally. Don’t touch it and avoid constantly brushing it dry. This just promotes more oil growth and spreads it throughout your hair.

Once it is dry, it looks greasy and ugly. By leaving it to dry naturally, you keep the oils at the roots and they can work through naturally.

Playing-with-hairStop Playing with Your Hair

Avoid twiddling with your hair throughout the day –wet or dry! Not only do you pull the natural oils from the roots through your hair, you also add the oils and dirt from your hands.

This just makes your hair even worse and dirty, so you have to wash your hair more often and then you end up back in the original cycle! If it’s a current habit, get out of it now!

hair-bunLook for Different Up Hair Dos

Greasy hair can look worse when it’s worn down, especially if it’s fine and long. It can hang limp and look really greasy at the roots.

Opt for up hairdo styles and change them frequently to have a fresh style and look great.

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