Natural Ways A Woman Can Dye Her Hair

Natural Ways A Woman Can Dye Her Hair

A drug store can have a whole aisle dedicated to hair dye. The dye that can get rid of grey hair can be full of a lot of chemicals that can cause harm to a woman’s body. However, there are some ways found in nature that can give the same result as store bought dye. Here is more information on natural ways that a woman can dye her hair.

beet-juiceBeet juice:

Hair dye can contain paraphenlyenediamine or PPA , and these ingredients can damage the body and the hair follicles itself.

There are lots of ingredients found in nature that can color the hair or a woman.

If a woman that wants to dye her hair a reddish color that has some purple in it, then she needs to get beet juice and carrot juice.

The two combined juices need to be placed in a metal bowl, and a woman needs to soak her hair for one hour.

Her hair will absorb the color, and then the hair has to be rinsed with warm water.


For a woman that has black hair, then the best natural hair dye to use is coffee.

A woman that wants her hair to be dyed by coffee needs to get two to three cups of straight black coffee in a metal bowl , and then al she has to do is soak her hair for 15 to 30 minutes.

After the time is up, the coffee must be rinsed from the hair.

lemon-juiceLemon juice and sunshine:

The best way to dye the hair blond is to use the power of the sun. For a woman that wants to make her blond hair even blonder, all she needs is lemon juice.

The lemon juice can be mixed with water, or a little chamomile tea, put into a spray bottle, and sprayed onto the scalp.

After the hair has been sprayed, and then massaged into the scalp, all a woman has to do is go outside.

A woman only needs to sit outside in the sun for 30 minutes, and then the mixture has to be rinsed from the hair.


To give gray hair a touch up, a woman can use the herb that grows wild called sage. If sage is mixed with four parts water, the mixture is then placed on the scalp and hair.

After 40 minutes to one hour, the hair should be rinsed with warm water.

Sage will not only keep gray hair looking beautiful, but the mixture will also keep the hair healthy and conditioned.

tomato-sauceTomato sauce:

The acid in tomatoes is what causes pasta sauce to stain anything that it touches. For a woman that wants her hair to be a vibrant red, tomato sauce can be used to dye hair.

A woman has to saturate her hair with tomato sauce, and then go outside and sit in the sun for half an hour.

Once time is up, rinsing the hair with warm water will clean off the tomato sauce.


For fun colors for holidays like Halloween, Kool-Aid can be used.

A package of Kool-Aid needs to be dissolved in warm water, and then the hair has to soak in it for 15 to 20 minutes.


Another way to get red hair is to use the herb henna.

The hair has to be coated with henna, and then a woman has to cover her head with a shower cap, and let it sit on the hair for two to four hours.

After the time is up, a woman has to shampoo her hair to make sure the henna is rinsed out, and then use a deep conditioner because henna can dry out the hair follicles.

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