Top Haircuts for 2013

Top Haircuts for 2013

Every year new haircuts become popular. It could be a celebrity trend or something that works with the fashion for the season. Stay trendy this summer by following the top haircuts for 2013. Here are seven styles that may be worth trying out, even just trying a wig to see how it suits!

layered-hair-blonde-headphones-musicThe Long and Layered Look

Long hair is something that men love and is great for the majority of face shapes, especially the straight shape.

Those with a strong jaw line can offset that by having hair that shapes around the chin and at least meets the shoulders. The layers also help to add thickness. The majority of styles and dos work with long hair, whether it is curly or straight.

long-hair-brunetteThe One-Cut Look

Foregoing the layers is a popular option for many celebrities now. This works best if you have some type of a fringe, whether it is full frontal or to the side.

Think about your face shape though as fringes can make a round shape look worse. A side fringe is great if you still want to keep some length to that part of your hair.

bob-hair-brunetteThe Inverted Bob

This remains to be one of the more popular haircuts for women. It is a take on the classic bob, where the front is longer than the front.

If you’re not too sure about having this on a regular basis, you can organise your hair so the parting is to one side and further back to give the illusion of an inverted bob without the worry that it just won’t work afterwards.

bob-hair-brunetteLong with a Few Layers

If you prefer long hair but it is relatively thin, you could opt for a few layers added.

This gets rid of some of the volume (although the long and layered look just doesn’t look right with thin hair) but allows you to add some shape to your hair and face. This works well with or without a fringe.

haircut-hairdresserThe Shear Cut

Have you ever thought of cutting all your hair off? Why not go for the shear cut? This is slightly longer than the pixie cut and works for fine and thick hair.

If you’re not too sure about the full shear cut, you could opt for the front to be slightly longer to break yourself into the style.

fringed-necklaceThe Side Fringe

If you want a fringe, consider the side one. This is easier to handle and prevents you from looking like the four-year-old in nursery.

Side fringes are excellent for blending in with layers and even adding more to your hair. They work with long, short, thick and thin hair. You will need to think about your face shape though!

curly-hair-brunetteGraduated Curls

For those with naturally curly hair, show them off. Do a graduated look, where shorter curls are at the front and surround your face, while the rest flow down your back.

This is a look that has been set by Beyonce and perfect for all women.

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