How to Get the Smokey Eye Look

How to Get the Smokey Eye Look

The smokey eye look is alluring and enchanting. Many women would love to do it but have no idea where to start. It is actually relatively easy and works for all colours of eyes, whether you have brown, green, blue or grey. Here are some tips to help you get that smokey eye look the next time you go out.

concealer-brush-makeupUse a Concealer Around Your Eyes

Start by using a concealer around your eyes to get rid of the dark patches. The best option is to invest in a high quality option and make sure it is a shade lighter than your skin.

It makes it easier to blend in and hide those dark patches. Dark rings around your eyes just look worst when you do the smokey look.

black-eyelinerUse Black Eyeliner on the Top Lashes

On the upper eyelid, use black eyeliner to draw a line just above your eye lashes. This should start off small inside the eye and work out thicker as you get to the outside edges.

Now draw a thinner line to sit right onto your eyelashes. If you want big smokey eyes, make this line sit right into your inner eye.

natural-eye-shadowUse Natural Coloured Eye Shadow

Apply the eye shadow to your upper lids. This needs to be a natural colour, such as beige or cream. Any other colour will distract from the look.

On the outside corners, use a darker colour like grey or black, making sure it blends in with the natural colour.

more-black-eyelinerApply More Eyeliner to Your Upper Lashes

Apply more black eyeliner to your upper lashes so that it sits on top of the eye shadow. With a cotton bud, smudge it gently along your eyes.

white-eyelinerUse a White Eyeliner Around the Inner Eye

Make your inner eyes stand out more with some white eyeliner or eye shadow. You don’t need to use a lot of this around the area.

It depends how much of the darker look you want to get. If you have placed the dark eyeliner into the corner then use the white sparingly.

applying-mascaraApply Your Mascara

Now you need to make your eyelashes stand out. Use dark mascara that matches your eyeliner.

Make sure you use a eyelash comb to separate your eyelashes once you have used the mascara.

shoppingInvest Your Money

Make sure you invest your money to make the smokey eye look work. You will need high quality makeup and brushes to really get it to work.

It may seem like a lot but you will find that good makeup lasts for months, depending on how often you use it. Bas quality makeup will cost more in the long run and will damage your face and eyelashes.

colorful-makeup-blue-purpleExperiment with Colours

As you develop your technique for creating this look, start experimenting with the colours.

Find ones for the eye shadow that match your eye colour to make them stand out. It can take time and some trial and error but it is fun at the same time!

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