2013 Summer Style Trends for Women

2013 Summer Style Trends for Women

The cold winter weather is behind us and now it’s time to think about getting your summer wardrobe together. Women around the world are ready to head out and start shopping for the latest styles for the season. Here are a few trends to get you started.

neon-dress-summer-trendGo Bright with Neon

Neon colors were huge during the 1980’s and now they’re back! If you watched the world’s most famous designers release their summer collections, you saw vivid neon shades in almost every single line.

If an entire outfit made up of bold neon is too much for you, no need to worry. Neon accessories can keep you current enough to keep up with the trend.

floral-dress-sunglassesFloral Fashion

If you only add one new piece to your wardrobe that reflects this year’s trends, make sure you pick up something in a floral print. It doesn’t matter if it’s a skirt, dress, pantsuit or handbag.

Elegant floral patterns are available on almost anything you want to wear this summer. If you like, you can even wear an outfit made entirely of a floral pattern, including headbands and shoes.

While some designers like to put clashing floral pieces together, it’s not a requirement to enjoy this trend.

peplum-dressPop in Peplum

If you’ve seen anyone wearing a one-layer, short skirt layered over another, longer skirt, then you’ve seen the peplum. This is the style that has the fashion world buzzing this season.

It accentuates a woman’s curve at the hips while making the waist look narrow. The hourglass figure is the ultimate goal when a woman wears peplum.

The great thing about the peplum look is that it can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes.

animal-print-leopardGo Print-Crazy

Designers love prints and each one seems to have their favorite type of print that can be seen regularly in their fashion lines. This season, however, all types of prints could be seen on every runway, regardless of the designer.

Models wore different prints from head to toe with varying degrees of intensity, and matching prints was strictly optional!

When you shop for this season’s trends, you’ll be sure to come across animal, geometric, tribal and Aztec prints. Buy your favorite or buy them all. Anything goes when you wear prints this season!

woman-suit-collarClassic Collars

The runways haven’t had much in the way of collars in recent years, but they’re back!

If you add one item to your wardrobe this season, add something with a collar. It doesn’t have to be a collared shirt. Collared dresses are just as fashionable!

white-dress-grassKeep Cool in White

Summer is the season for white and this year, fashion is embracing this pristine color.

Any fashion item in white is a great addition to any summer 2013 wardrobe.

sequins-disco-dressSparkle in Sequins

Sequins are in! It doesn’t matter what color you choose, if it’s got sequins, you’re on trend.

The best part about sequins is that you can easily combine them with other trends of the season, like a sequined blazer over a white, collared dress.

You can also carry a sequined handbag with any outfit. Sequins add shine and color to whatever you’re wearing.

trendy-summer-outfitKeep it Individual

A woman’s style is a very individual thing.

While you might want to be as trendy as possible, you can always do it by buying cuts that flatter your body and combining trends to create your own unique look!

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