Girls, it is time to ditch the jeans – I’m sorry, I know you have probably just bought some of those ‘Mom’ jeans that every fashion mag has told you that you have to own. Casual Love Come on girls, be honest, you don’t always have the energy or inclinationRead More →

Fearne Cotton For Very Television presenter Fearne Cotton has been working with Very for a few years and her design skills have improved season after season. As one of Britain’s biggest style icons, fashionistas can get a taster of her style with her seasonal collections with the online retailer. TheRead More →

The London Marathon was held recently, with many thousands donning their sportswear, stretching their legs in preparation for the 26.2 mile run. Although it’s not an event I have ever considered taking part in myself, as I watched the masses from my comfortable lounge position on the sofa, I startedRead More →

Hopefully without giving away too much information about my age, when I was a school there was no such thing as a prom and I didn’t attend my leaving ball at University, we did out own thing. But, these days, borrowing from American culture, there is a prom for everythingRead More →

When I was a little girl, I remember watching my Grandma getting dressed up in her Sunday Best (not necessarily on a Sunday) and she would wear these glamorous matching sets – printed blouse and matching full skirt, I though she looked beautiful. So it is great news that co-ordinatingRead More →

We all love a bargain and with a less than thriving economy and a rapidly tightening belt, many of us are finding a bargain more essential. Now that Spring is here, our muted Winter wardrobes have to be packed away in preparation for the new season trends, but how onRead More →

We all love a bargain, there are few things that feel better than finding a gorgeous piece of clothing that you would love to own, then finding out that it is seriously affordable. You almost skip to the till with your fabulous find and have a big smile on yourRead More →

Holiday season is just around the corner and you really can never be to well prepared with your holiday wardrobe. Most of us girls, although we admit it only to ourselves, want to be the one at the pool or on the beach that every other girl wants to be.Read More →