How to Turn Old Fashion in to New Fashion

How to Turn Old Fashion in to New Fashion

If you like to stay hip with the times then you probably already know how much that can cost you. You purchase one piece of clothing that seems to be fashionable and in style for a short period of time and then styles change and it’s on to something new.

Keeping up with today’s hottest fashion trends can be overwhelming and break the bank but you can turn your old styles into new styles with a few creative steps!


How to Create New Looks With What You Already Have:

Instead of throwing away your old clothing you could repurpose it and give it a brand new identity. This can be one of the trendiest ways to show how stylish you are, save money and create a new trend for others to follow. So, how do you get started?

  • Search through your closet and find clothing that you may find is a bit out of style and with a few new additions and stitches you can bring it back to life and repurpose it.
  • Graphics are pretty popular these days. You’ve probably seen them everywhere you look. If you have some older T-shirts that you haven’t worn in a while, get them out and start collecting pieces to create new T-shirts. You can use different fabrics and colors to create a fresh new look from something that may not get worn again otherwise.
  • Accessorize. This is a pretty easy one but even if you’re bringing out the cloths from the 70’s you can still make it fashionable without physically changing the piece by simply adding accessories. Customize the look with a hip and trendy belt or add in a chunky necklace to add color and depth. Find some cool new earrings to bring the look together.


What Will You Need To Do?

  • If you’re pretty adamant about creating something new and fresh then you may want to invest some time into learning how to sew. You don’t have to be a professional but if you’re going to start tearing up old clothing you’ll want to make sure you can restructure a piece fairly easily.
  • Invest in good needles and thread and perhaps a sewing machine. You don’t need to be a tailor to figure out a quick pattern as there are many on the Internet today. You can view YouTube videos and read articles to learn how to create your own clothing.
  • Keep it simple. If you’re not a pro, at least not yet, then keep it simple. Don’t go crazy trying to create something that’s complicated start off slowly and work your way up. Before you know it you’re skills will match that of the stars of Project Runway.

The best advice is to not overdo it. You want to look fashionable and trendy but adding too much can complicate the look. Read up on the latest styles and check out the Internet but most of all be yourself! Nothing screams personality more than something that’s unique and true to your personality.

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