Tips to Keep You Safe When Traveling for Business

Traveling can be fun and exciting even if it is for work instead of pleasure. Getting to see new locations and meet new people is always a fun endeavor but it can be a bit scary even if you’re a seasoned veteran so here are a few tips to keep you safe when traveling either in the states or abroad for business.

Travel Smart:

There are a few things that you probably already know to do when traveling but just as a refresher we’ll list them again.

  • Don’t travel alone. Sometimes this isn’t an option especially for business travel but if you can travel with others be sure to do that. It’s much safer in pairs or groups then alone. If you have to go alone then make sure that your family and friends know your details and check in with them from time to time. If they don’t hear from you then they will know where to check.
  • Knowing your surroundings is very important. Pay close attention to signs, streets and even the individuals walking beside you. If something makes you feel uncomfortable then you should trust your gut.
  • Don’t draw attention to yourself. You don’t want to be the only one in the room that everyone is looking at. Don’t get out large bundles of money and count it out in public, don’t flash your credit cards and your wallet around as if no one is in the room with you.

While the three tips listed above may be ones that you’re already familiar with or already take into consideration when traveling there are a few others that you’ll want to follow as well.

How to Prepare Yourself for Your Destination:

  • When you travel make sure to know the destination that you’re going to the best that you can. This means you should know the surrounding area in which you’re staying. Know the latest news updates and issues that you may have to face while you’re there especially any issues that deal with politics.
  • If you have a driver that’s picking you up at the airport, have a code word. This is a great tip to ensure you are going with the right person, the one who was actually meant to pick you up at the airport. It’s very common in kidnappings for individuals to review your name off the identification sign and create one of their own.
  • When staying in a hotel try to avoid rooms that have entries to the outdoors and avoid the first floor.
  • Photocopy your valuable documents such as credit cards and drivers license as well as any passports in case they are lost you know what you had with you and you can easily report it.

Female travelers should take extra caution when traveling alone. Even if you’re not in a relationship you should consider purchasing a fake wedding ring to keep criminals at bay and make sure to establish a connection with those at home so you can check in from time to time.

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