The Summer Trends for Fashion in 2013

The Summer Trends for Fashion in 2013

Fashion changes by the season and by the year. To remain up to date, you need to check out the latest fashion trends. You could take some time to walk around the stores to find something that you like and is fashionable but why bother wasting that time? Find out all about it here so you can start making your decisions before shopping for your summer wardrobe.

animal-print-topAnimal Prints

Whether you are looking for a new pair of trousers, a skirt or even a bikini, the animal print is back in fashion. There are many different options, although cheetah and leopard seem to be the most popular options at the moment.

One great advantage of using animal prints is that the detail can take the eye away from the problematic areas. Try to avoid using too much, though, as it will distract people from your fashion.

oriental-print-top-asianOriental Prints

There is a major push into wearing oriental prints and styles. This could be a beautiful oriental style dress or adding the flowery print to your trousers or top.

It is possible to have too much pattern though so work around your body shape and find something that you would love to wear.

animal-print-top2Bra and Crop Tops

Underwear is something you wear under your clothes, right? Not anymore! The summer trend is to wear the bra and cropped styled tops as your outerwear – that doesn’t mean you have to use your bra for this!

Think of it like wearing your bikini top. This is a great look for the summer, especially when mixed with denim or matching skirts.

colorful-topBright and Colourful Tops and Shirts

The summer wouldn’t be bright and cheerful without the colours. This summer sees the bright colours and cheerful patterns on tops and shirts.

Whether you want to opt for a Hawaiian style top or just choose a bright yellow or pink for a dressy top, you will instantly have the great look of summer.

glitter-skirt-black-heelsAdding Bejewels to Clothing

Bejewels are a great way to add detail to the areas that you want to make look bigger and they are becoming the trend this summer. There are jackets, tops and skirts that use the glittering additions.

There’s no need to buy your own. Take a look around your wardrobe and find something that you can add your own bejewels to and stand out from the crowd.

hippie-legs-feetThe Vintage Look

This summer it is all about dressing vintage. You could look like a 1940s film star or a 1960s hippie; the choice is completely up to you. Watch out adding too many time periods together.

If you want a mix, try doing modern vintage looks and show off your personality.

transparent-dress-sunset-beachTransparent Sections

Want to show off your mid-drift or your back but in a modest way. Transparent sections to clothes are being the rage for the summer.

Some of them are lace while others use sheer material and sometimes add jewels to them.

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