Top Seven 2013 Dress Trends

Top Seven 2013 Dress Trends

Summer 2013 dress trends have a spirited, prim-yet-playful duality about them. Classic cuts were simple, giving the “in-your-face” mischief from bold prints, teasing textures and quirky colors free reign on the ramps this season. These are our seven, 2013 dress trend must-haves.

high-low-mullet-dress-dynamite.ca1. The Mullet Dress

Like the ‘80’s haircut, this 2013 dress trend sports a long-at-the-back, short-in-front cut skirt. Teasingly coy, it works well with urban prints, while sheer flowing fabrics maximize romantic appeal.

Moving effortlessly from ladylike to cheeky, depending on texture & print, its so-cheeky-yet-coy duplicity is as fabulous as its uncomplicated shift from casual to smart ,with just a change of shoes and a smattering of accessories.

lace-dress-black2. The Lace Dress

The lace dress is full of old world appeal and is the epitome of ladylike indulgence, timelessly resonating romance and royalty. The playful-yet-prim theme of 2013 was clear on the catwalks.

Go for a good lace fabric and thoughtful accessorizing as these dresses may end up looking tacky if not made of top quality fabric. Team your lace dress with shoes in complimenting metallic finishes or of the same color.

etno-maxi-skirt3. The Maxi Dress

The Maxi dress returns with all its flowing, Greek-goddess/femme-fatale grace. Flattering to most shapes, its appeal stems from the demurely long skirts whose hems hope to kiss the ground you’re sailing over.

From figure-hugging to A-line cuts, the Maxi Dress translates easily from everyday to evening in 2013 dress trends.

a-line-dress4. The A-line Dress

An iconic 60’s cut, the A-line dress returns in 2013 with its fitted top and flaring skirt for a refined retro daytime look.

Always flattering, its matter-of-fact chicness brings was a hit on the runways where the classic A-line skirt sat lower on the hip than their retro counterparts, for a more laid-back feel.

red-dress-waist-mirror5. The “New Flame” Red Dress

Fiery reds bring feisty flavor to dresses of any length & style this season. Bold reds add an edge to looking good and sexy, brave, passionate and, according to Chinese folklore, a very lucky color though not for the faint hearted.

If you’re fair go for bluish hued reds while darker complexions will come alive with saucier orangey-reds. Keep hair sleek, with lips and shoes neutral when stepping out with your new flame red dress.

floral-dress-sunglasses6. Blooming Edgy Urban Floral

Bold and striking floral blooms on 2013’s Spring/Summer dresses bring a Steam-Punk edge to the delicate femininity of flowers in full bloom.

Again a usually demure theme gets an edgy treatment, playing sweet against strong, in striking floral statement.

There are a no fading wallflowers in this season’s bloom-out-loud prints so keep your accessories simple, with grungy (messy) hair and tough urban cookie stilettos.

country-vixien-dress-forever217. Ruffle Your Tail Feathers

Architectural ruffles bring tantalizing accents in all the right places to 2013 dress trends, cutting striking profiles with rigid waves that mean business.

Standing their ground this season’s ruffles are crisp, oversized, unyielding and burst out in generous cascades framing faces, bolstering behinds and hugging hips unashamedly.

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