The Winter wedding season is over, but the Spring wedding season is just beginning with Easter being a particularly popular time for loved-up couples to tie the not. Whilst you wouldn’t be as cruel to try and outshine the bride with your outfit, you would very much like to outshineRead More →

Just because you’ve reached your 50s doesn’t mean the world of fashion stops. While you may not be able to wear the clothes you did in your hay-day, you can still look great. Here are some tips for dressing for your age but still looking fashionable. Opt for a MaxiRead More →

Summer 2013 dress trends have a spirited, prim-yet-playful duality about them. Classic cuts were simple, giving the “in-your-face” mischief from bold prints, teasing textures and quirky colors free reign on the ramps this season. These are our seven, 2013 dress trend must-haves. 1. The Mullet Dress Like the ‘80’s haircut,Read More →

Being fashionable is important for many. Of course, that shouldn’t take away from being comfortable! Every summer, there are new trends and styles to choose between. Here are the top ones for this summer. Maxi Dresses Maxi dresses are still popular. They hit the high streets in the summer ofRead More →

The summer is here and it is time to put on those dresses. Being an apple shape, you may be conscious of your size. It is common to want to hide under baggy clothes, trousers and big tops but you shouldn’t! You don’t have to hide as there are manyRead More →