Top Summer Fashion Trends for Dresses

Top Summer Fashion Trends for Dresses

Being fashionable is important for many. Of course, that shouldn’t take away from being comfortable! Every summer, there are new trends and styles to choose between. Here are the top ones for this summer.

maxi-dress-pinkMaxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are still popular. They hit the high streets in the summer of 2011 and continue to sell.

They are great for all figures and sizes since the material is often flowing and covers up all the unwanted areas. Many are also bright and colourful to make you feel like it is summer.

The best thing about these dresses is that you can also match many of the different styles of the summer fashion trends.

mini-dressMini Dresses

While maxi dresses remain popular, there is still the lure of the mini dress. These give you the opportunity to show off your legs and allow the sun to reach them, even if it is just for a few minutes of the day!

The mini dresses come in all different styles and colours to suit different body shapes. Yes, you can wear a mini dress with an apple shape.

The trick is to finding a style that works for you and adds the detail to take the eye away from the problematic area. You can also use many of the styles below to mix together different fashion trends for the summer.

ruffle-dressDresses with Ruffles

This summer it is all about ruffles. These can be detail around the neckline or along the front of the dress. The ruffles add more volume but you do have to be careful!

Those with an apple shape could look bigger than they really are, depending on the location of the ruffles. Use them to add the volume where you need it to create an hour-glass figure.

peplum-dressDresses with Peplum

These dresses have the part around the waist that stands out. The peplum helps to create a more feminine look and works great for tops, dresses and suits.

The downside is for those with an apple or pear shape as it can make the waist and hips look larger than they area.

polka-dot-belt-retro-dressThe Retro Look

This summer the retro look is back. Vintage dresses are anything from the last 15 years or more, with many looking into the 1940s style for great summer styles.

You could create a genuine vintage dress by pulling out your mum’s old clothing.

retro-dressBlack and White Dresses

Black and white dresses are simple and always flattering. There are many different styles around using the two colours together – some with other colours mixed in there too.

You could opt for stripes, floral prints or weird and wonderful patterns to work this summer look.

lace-dress-blackLace Detail to the Dresses

Lace is a popular option for the summer. It can be used to add a vintage look to the dress or just used to add detail to take the eye away from problematic areas.

The best thing is that you don’t need to go out and buy a dress with lace; buy some lace and add it onto a dress you already own!

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