Top Celebrities to Take Weight Inspiration From

Top Celebrities to Take Weight Inspiration From

There is such a focus on being skinny that people forget to be healthy. Women also forget that men really do like curves. It is time to take the focus off being too skinny, just like a number of other celebrities do. Here are some celebrities to take some inspiration from when it comes to your weight.

adeleThe Confidence from Adele

Adele is a highly successful artist, especially for her age, but she does not have the expected figure for a star. She has never let this stop her.

Nor has she decided it is time to lose weight because that is what is expected. She loves her curves and they are just a part of who she is. In fact, she has a lot of confidence because of them. It is time to use her as your inspiration.

jennifer-hudsonJennifer Hudson for Weight Loss Inspiration

Jennifer Hudson was blasted too fat for Hollywood, and she did end up losing weight. However, she lost it because she wanted to—and only stopped when she was at a size that she was happy with.

There are now critics saying that she’s apparently too skinny, but she’s ignoring them. As long as she’s happy in her own skin, that’s all that matters—and you should follow that. Be happy about who you are.

jessica-simpsonJessica Simpson for Her Post-Baby Body

Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Hudson have one thing in common: Weight Watchers. They both became ambassadors after following the plan. Jessica is still a spokeswoman for the healthy eating plan, and loves her curves.

Unlike so many other stars, she’s accepted that weight fluctuates and took control of her post-baby body.

lena-dunhamLena Dunham had a Difficult Childhood

Lena Dunham was called a chubby teenager when she was young, and had a difficult time because of her weight. It’s something that many people struggle with, but Lena shows that you can get out on the other side.

She is still facing scrutiny because of her weight, but she’s happy with her skin. She was even happy enough to flaunt it on Girls.

Christina-AguileraChristina Aguilera Loves Her Body

Another star who has let her weight fluctuate is Christina Aguilera. She has been called too fat, too skinny and everything in between. The difference is she lets people say it and just ignores it.

She is more than happy with her figure, and so is her fiance. All that matters is what you feel under your own skin.

khloe-kardashianKhloe Kardashian Wants You to Feel Inspired

As the youngest of the Kardashian sisters, she is one who has come under the most scrutiny for her weight. However, she has stated that she wants people to feel inspired. It shows that no matter how much money you have, weight can be an issue.

The important thing is to not let it affect the way you feel about yourself. Khloe has been through the ups and downs, and it is all on reality TV for everyone to see.

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