Beating the Heat in Summer

Beating the Heat in Summer

Summer is in and the heat seems to soak into your skin. There is no respite from the dusty heat till it rains. Do you think some foods help reverse some of the body heat? Read on to learn more….
Why do we feel hot?

With the heat sucking into the body and not letting you cool down for a single moment, you can think of some other ways and means to beat the heat off a little. On humid days that are sultry and humid, muscles need some blood circulation. When it is hot more blood near the skin helps dissipate the body heat and takes the body temperature high up to tremendous levels.

Less blood reaches the muscles and we feel tired and lethargic. It is important to have a lot of fluids during the hot months as the body gets hotter, muscle enzymes burn the glycogen very rapidly and stores of sugar are burnt up. Therefore for internal cooling a lot of fluid intake is necessary.

heat-forehead-cooling-sweatCooling process

Do you feel you should cover your forehead with wet rags so that you can prevent the heat from entering your brain? It is not a good idea to wet your head thoroughly for kids especially just after some games.

The heat should be allowed to move outwards. When there is too much water on the skin, it stops the evaporation of sweat and it is a hindrance to the body’s cooling down.

juicy-fruitsEat juicy fruits

Eat small meals frequently. Eat some juice at breakfast. You can also take some summer fruits like peaches, plums, pears, melons because these are exactly what you skin would need.

Citrus fruits are cooling. Eat them whole or keep the extract in the fridge and sip throughout the day.

woman-eating-saladSalads on your diet

Leafy lettuces, greens, cucumbers, corn on cob all in salad helps you keep cool. These contain enough water to thin your blood and have a cooling effect.

Add some tomatoes and onions in for taste.

lime-green-tea-herbalGreen tea

Green tea is good for people suffering sun stroke. A spoonful of onion juice is also good antioxidant that prevents cellular damage.


Take ten glasses of water every day for hydrating the body. You can also add some lemon and honey to the drink sometimes if required.

woman-summer-loose-dressWear loose clothes

For protecting the body you must wear full sleeved clothes that are loose fitting, so that it facilitates the passage of air. You can use a hat to protect the head while you go out in the sun.

Loose cotton clothes help in the evaporation of heat thus helping the body to cool down.

woman-summer-indoorsStaying indoors

Outdoor activities during summer should be restricted. Early morning and late evening are the best times to go out.

eating-meat-steakSome don’ts during summer

In case you are a non vegetarian, you should not eat red meat much. You can have fishes and oysters instead.

red-lips-mouth-ice-cubeAvoid extremely cold food

Extremely cold food is bad for digestion and they interfere with sweating and body’s natural cooling system.

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