Just Say No!

Just Say No!

The holidays are upon us! It is time for the stress fest to begin for millions of mom’s around the world. Trying to be everything to everyone is exhausting. The time to implement some boundaries is now before the season gets into full gear.

Using the right amount of tact can go a long way in getting out of things you really do not want to do or do not have the time to do without hurting anyone’s feelings. There is a right way to say no!

woman-saying-noHonesty is the Best Policy

It is also best to tell the truth! It does not mean that you have to simply blurt out “ I hate the PTO presidents so I am not doing anything for the PTO” but bowing out of an event by saying that you will be doing something else on that day always leaves you at risk for getting caught in the lie.

It is far better to avoid awkward situations by simply saying “I am sorry but I am overwhelmed with commitments” you do not have to be specific. You get to save face and everyone understands what it feels like to be overwhelmed during the holidays.


Clearly you cannot say no all the time (well you could but then when you need something from someone you will likely here no as well). When you feel like you are being stretched ten different ways one of the things that you can decide where the “no’s” fit in.

Make a list and prioritize the things that are important. You can categorize things that are important such as the things that will affect your children and family, like taking time out for a school program involving your children.

Scheduling your personal life as you would schedule your work day can do wonders for freeing up your time. A day planner for your personal life can really show you where you are over extending your time and which areas you need to spend more time.

Businesswoman-saying-noIt is Okay To Say No

A lot of women make the grave mistake of saying yes when they really mean no. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. It is far better to say no outright than it is to say yes and not show up.

People may not like to hear no but they would rather hear no from the get go than plan on you being available to help out and backing out at the last minute. No just has to be okay sometimes.

It is perfectly fine to just say “no I can’t”. You do not have to explain why, you do not even have to apologize. If you do not have the time or really just don’t want to do it saying “no” is a completely acceptable answer.

Using tact and forth right answers are always the best way to avoid over extending yourself. You are allowed to say “no” when life is just too hectic to say anything else.

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