Best Herbs For An Outdoor Herb Garden

Best Herbs For An Outdoor Herb Garden

Some women have a talent for cooking, and these women love to use herbs in whatever they cook. However, going to the store is one way to find herbs, but a typical market might not carry the herbs a woman loves to cook with. To make her life easier, a woman can try growing the herbs she prefers to cook with in her very own herb garden.


A popular herb in Italy, basil is supposedly the herb of magical love powers. According to Italian legend, if a man gives woman a piece of a basil plant, the two will end up falling in love.

In different countries, basil is used for more than cooking, and there are many different kinds including lemon and Thai basil.


Cilantro is the primary ingredient in salsa, and many people use it in a variety of Mexican cooking.

However, in Europe, cilantro is used in many different countries for everything from soups to marmalades.


Dill is a popular herb that is used in many different kinds of cooking including desserts.

The leaves of the dill plant are often used to garnish meat or as a way to add flavor to a sauce. The most popular way to use dill is for making dill pickles.


The mint herb is used for cooking food from the Mediterranean. In the Mediterranean countries like Greece, the people cook a lot with the meat of the lamb.

The mint can help take away the strong flavor of the mint, and is also used in teas. Some people like to pluck a mint leaf from the ground and chew on it as a way to freshen breath and also help with indigestion.


Rosemary is a good herb for cooking because of its strong flavor. For meat that is bland, a sprig of rosemary can give it a good flavor.

However, because rosemary is so powerful, the sprigs of it should be used sparingly or the scent of it will overpower the food.


Parsley is a garnish for meat, but it can be used for a lot of different dishes because it is a mild flavored herb.

Parsley is also an herb that is used often in Italian cooking. There are two types of parsley that grow all over of the world, the flat leaf parsley and the curly leaf parsley.


Thyme is an herb used as a seasoning for side dishes like stuffing, soup, stocks, and it makes an excellent marinade because it will give meat a good flavor.

The most popular dish to use thyme is anything involving beans because it brings out the flavor in them.

A woman that loves to cook with fresh herbs can now grow them in her own herb garden. Cooking can be a lot of fun, but some women take it very seriously and insist on using special herbs.

However, with her own herb garden, a woman can now go outside to get the herbs she needs instead of having to go to a health food store.

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