Cleaning Jewelry Settings and Chains At Home

Since gemstone jewelry can be set in variations of sterling silver jewelry and surrounded by diamonds, there are many different methods available to clean your gemstone jewelry chains and settings. However, it is important to use the most safe and effective ways to make your diamonds glitter and your gemstones shine. As women, we are always looking for real and cost effective ways to improve the appearance of our jewelry.

Techniques Are More Effective Than Tricks

Some tricks like toothpaste on aquamarine gemstones and ketchup on gold are known to work, but can be dangerous to use on treasured jewelry.

So instead of tricks here are some respected techniques that deliver great results with little risk for all of elements of your jewelry, even your beloved gems.

Special care should be given to the jewelry items that are most sentimental and important to you.

Pearl Jewelry Cleaning Tips

Each type of jewelry needs to be taken care of differently. When pearl jewelry is obviously unclean, clean it with a small amount of detergent watered down in equal amounts of water.

Then submerge the pearls for at least twenty seconds, remove with a smooth silk pure cotton fabric and lay out to allow the pearls to air dry.

Precious Stone Care

Diamonds are precious stones and must be cherished at all times. An effective way to renew a precious rock or diamond is to clean it with dish detergent and water using a brush.

Some say that toothpaste will make diamond shine, but it can harm the settings surrounding the precious stone. The diamond itself will not be damaged, but it is till not recommended to use toothpaste on diamonds.

Soapy water will be just as effective and cause no harm to the surrounding settings.

Gold Care

Gold needs to be maintained in a different manner. It’s important to take off all gold jewelry preceding bathing or washing since body cleansers and substances cause gold to develop a dingy layer, that creates an aged and unclean look.

Even though there are many professional cleaners available, it’s even more encouraged to freshen gold using household products already available.

If your cleaning jewelry that is already tarnished, combine a little dish cleaning agent with water, and clean using a cloth.

Silver Cleaning Precautions

Since silver is so delicate, there are necessary precautions you must take with this type of jewelry. Silver acquires blemishes quickly if it scrubbed often. It is recommended that you use a soft cloth only occasionally to polish silver jewelry. It’s unnecessary to scrub silver clean often and damage the silver in the process.

Jewelry Cleaning Tips Can Save You Money

These tips will keep the settings and chains of your jewelry beautiful for many years. In order to have beautiful lasting pieces of jewelry, you must take the necessary precautions to ensure quality and care.

Jewelry must be given attention to ensure that it’s beauty will remain. It is simple and easy to simply clean your different jewelry items at home, rather than taking them to a professional cleaner that charges a large fee.

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