The Perfect Plants for Pets and Children

The Perfect Plants for Pets and Children

Some plants are toxic to humans and animals. With children and pets trying things with their mouth first, they’re just not safe to have in the home. But you want to make your home look beautiful, right? Here are some great plant ideas that are non-toxic and will really brighten up your day.

christmas-cactusThe Christmas Cactus

This is one of the safest plants around and is perfect for those who want something low maintenance. Their time for blooming is during the cold winter months, so you will benefit from colour and beauty during the months that are known for their dark, dreary days.

They aren’t quite as good as other cacti when it comes to the heat though—they do need more water than you would usually expect.

Boston-FernThe Boston Fern

If you’re good with plants and already have the know-how, consider the Boston Fern. It’s problem is that it can be hard to grow but when it does it looks beautiful.

They grow best in non-direct sunlight and in humid homes, which is where the problem could be during the winter months, especially. Try adding them to hanging baskets on the outside of your home.

Spider-PlantThe Spider Plant

This is a popular option for many homes. It gets its name from the way it looks—the leaves look like a spider! It offers excellent benefits, including purifying air, while being none toxic to animals and humans.

It’s one of those plants that can be left for a few days without watering and will still look good; perfect for those who need something low maintenance.

African-VioletThe African Violet

When it comes to beauty and colour, the African violet is one to add to your list. It does prefer the tropical climate though, so it can be hard to grow within the home.

It may be worth the shot though for the beautiful, bold purple flowers. They are excellent Mother’s Day gifts due to their symbolism and history.

Wandering-JewThe Wandering Jew

Wandering Jews are very easy to grow as they take roots anywhere. This can be a problem when it comes to adding them to a compost heap at the end of the season!

It doesn’t matter whether there is water, soil or pot, the roots will cling and start growing. Of course, the ease can be great for you if you want something safe for children and pets that looks good.

rose-plantMiniature Roses

Roses are popular for many but they are thorny and some people struggle to grow them. You don’t want your pet getting caught up in the bushes or your children getting cut while trying to pick one.

Miniature roses don’t have the thorns and some are evergreen plants, so your home looks beautiful the whole year round.

Jade-PlantThe Jade Plant

The final one on the list is an evergreen option, so perfect for the whole year. It is really easy to grow and manage, so you can look after them while caring for other things.

It is possible for them to grow as high as 6ft in height, so you will need to watch out!

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