Tips for Backyard Gardening

Tips for Backyard Gardening

Gardening is a fun, productive and soothing activity as long as it doesn’t turn into a chore; it is fairly doable to maintain a beautiful backyard garden with perhaps a few vegetable plants, flowers and a nice looking lawn with a few hours a week. Think about the freedom you get from working a few hours outdoors, in the fresh air and perhaps getting a tomato or a lettuce at the end of it.

Here are few tips to help you kick start your backyard garden this summer, what are you waiting for, you will find it very enjoyable.


Weeding can be a demanding task, especially in the beginning of the season.

If weed is growing in big quantities in a certain area, try covering it with dark material such as a tarp or dark colored cloths or paper. Weeds need light to grow and so covering them will limit their growth significantly.

Remember also that dandelion is an edible plant that can be used in salads cooked or raw and it is available right in your backyard.

grass-soilNew soil

It is a good practice to add soil that is rich in organic material and minerals to your garden so the plants get the nutrition they need to grow.

garden-greeneryPlant easy plants

Leafy vegetables such as lettuce, spinach and kale are fairly easy to grow. They prefer cooler weather so you can plant them in the early spring. Make sure to water them often if it is warm in the summer days.

Root vegetables such as beets and onions are very easy to grow too. You can start a plant from a small onion.


Peppermint, basil, cloves, thyme are all herbs that are generally very easy to grow.

And you will have all sort of fresh homegrown herbs to garnish your salads, finish your foods and your kitchen will always smell good.

tree-bark-chips-ground-coverGround cover

If you do not want to plant grass but want a good ground cover to control the spread of weeds and give your yard a nice look, try using ground cover.

Ground cover is easy to obtain, generally from most hardware store and you just sprinkle it around and water it.

strawberry-plant-childStrawberries for Children

Children will be more likely to come out and help with the garden tasks if they knew they could enjoy the outcomes.

Make gardening a fun family activity and plant some strawberry plants to your little ones, so you family can enjoy home grown strawberries on demand.

Same thing goes for cherry tomatoes, they are beautiful and children usually like them. They will also add some color to your garden.

gardening-womanAdditional tips:

  • Make sure you give plants enough space to grow. Each plant requires slightly different rules, make sure you read the instructions or inquire when you buy the plants.
  • Do not allow your plants to dry out, make sure to regularly water them.
  • Continue weeding regularly so that intruder plants are not taking away nutrients from yours.

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