7 Different Chores Your Toddler Can Do at Home

7 Different Chores Your Toddler Can Do at Home

You’re not the only one who makes a mess in the house so why is it always you who clears up? Getting family members to help out around the house is great but you need to find chores that they are physically capable of doing. This is harder with toddlers but there are things they can do to help out around the house! Here are seven chores that you can get your toddlers to help out with.

toddler-toysPutting Away the Toys

When your toddler finishes playing with his toys what happens? Do you end up picking them all up and putting them back in their homes? This is something that your toddler can help with.

Explain that he must put anything that he isn’t using away. It may lead to a tidying room instantly since your toddler will only get one toy out at a time knowing that he has to put them away afterwards.

family-laundryPutting the Laundry Away

Teach your toddler where his clothes go in his room and encourage him to put them away. You could even spend a day organising them so he chooses where everything goes to make it easier for him.

To start with, try drawing everything out and sticking them on the walls so he knows what to do with everything.

child-laundry-washing-machineGetting the Laundry Together

It has to be washed before it can be put away. Encourage your toddler to pick up his dirty clothes and put them in the hamper.

Either have one inside his room or just in the hallway to make it easier for him. You could even ask for help with any smaller babies in the house.

child-fold-laundryFold the Laundry

This is great for your toddler to be just like mummy. Give him smaller items to start with, like the tea towels and any wash cloths.

He could also learn to fold his own clothes ready for you to take upstairs for him.

children-recycling-trashEmpty the Trash

Encourage him to empty the smaller trash cans – maybe there is one in his room or in the play are for his rubbish.

This is a relatively simple task and will get him used to it for when he gets older and has to take out the bigger bins!

child-dustingDusting the House

Children love to dust. They get the chance to run around the house with a duster and will often find a game out of it.

Let your toddler dust parts of the house that he can reach, such as the coffee table, the skirting boards and even the bookcases in his room. As he gets older, he can work on the areas that he’s then able to reach.

child-watering-plantsWater the Plants

Any plants that are on the floor – or even those in the garden – will be in the reach of your toddler and they need watering! Children love water – usually making a mess with it!

Harness his skill by encouraging him to help with watering the plants. If you have pets, encourage him to fill up the water bowls.

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